4 May 2008 at 20:27 (Uncategorized)

Teasing is an important part of our family. Sometimes we tease a lot and it can easily get out of hand. It was always clear when it’d gone too far, at which point dad would refer to the following:

Guidelines for Teasing

1. Teasing can cut the tension between people and make everyone feel accepted. But it must be done correctly and at the right time.

2. Some things are too important and too personal to tease about. Never tease to hurt or make someone cry. Only tease to lighten things up.

3. If the person you tease becomes angry or resentful, back off and drop it.

4. Don’t tease forever. If it’s funny or cute, tease about it once or twice. But don’t keep picking and picking and picking.

Teasing can be fun and teasing can be terrible. We don’t need to give up teasing, but we do need to be careful how we use it. Practice doing it right, and teasing will give you some good times together.


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