good intentions

6 February 2008 at 21:33 (Uncategorized)

From the ABC:
Dr Nelson repeatedly used the term “forcibly removed generations” during the press conference and expressed his hope that the term “stolen” not be used in the apology.”
I do appreciate that many Aboriginal people who were removed from their families do strongly support the description stolen, it has pejorative connotations particularly for several generations of very good men and women from churches and other organisations who believed they were doing the right thing in removing these children,” he said.
The people involved in removing the children were not “very good men and women” just because they believed they were doing the right thing.  There should be “pejorative connotations” because we should judge these people by their actions and not claim that they were good because they “believed they were doing the right thing”.  There are many examples of bad groups of people who believe they are doing good things (Nazis, Scientologists, George W Bush) and their distorted world view should not absolve them from their moral crimes.


  1. Nimeton said,

    I concur, Well said!

  2. compatriot said,

    Amen a thousand times over.

  3. Nick said,

    I too concur.

    People who are certain they’re doing “the right thing” are the most dangerous people there are.

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