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9 September 2007 at 5:04 (Uncategorized)

Tonight I went to a 21st. I’d been in hospital for a couple of weeks and this was the first social occasion I’d attended since then. I was a little anxious at first but most of it was pretty okay. Most of it.

A couple of times during the night a girl whom I’d never met before, looked like she was about to say something to me. It left me with a look of confusion and the second time this happened I apologised and explained why I looked puzzled. She patted me just above the knee and called me a cutie, telling me not to worry about it.

The friends whom I was sitting with thought that she was flirting with me and one of them asked me what my thoughts were. I said that she seemed really nice, and her presence was very captivating.. but I didn’t feel at all confident (or particularly good about life in a greater sense).

Then, just as we were about to leave, the young lass came up to me again. She approached me saying: “you know how before it looked like I had something I wanted to ask you? … well actually, I had a few questions.” She seemed a little nervous. She then asked me if I had a girlfriend or a boyfriend… and she stepped closer so she could hear me (though not uncomfortably close) and lightly touched my folded arm.

It was shamelessly obvious that she was flirting with me. She continued, still nervous but asking me if I would like a girlfriend, or if I’d just like to do something sometime.”

But as she was saying this, she was cut off, dragged towards the kitchen by another girl. I was meant to be leaving, but she seemed nice (though negligibly drunk) and had gone to some length to make conversation. And by this point, it was no longer a matter of confidence… it was like falling off a log. So I went to the kitchen and said that I had to leave, but asked her if she wanted my number. She looked me in the eye and said no, that she was just asking me questions and wasn’t actually interested in me at all. Her and her friend found some amusement in this apparent ‘misinterpretation’.

I told her that it was nice to have met her, shook her hand and left. I said good bye to the birthday boy and as I was escaping through the front gate she had come out to the front of the house and yelled that she loved me, but only as a friend.

why would you go out and try and hurt someone who you’ve never met before like that? I feel the same way as I felt when some arsehole stole my bike.

+ =~= +

UPDATE (13/09/07 1810hrs): The lass just sent me a message, apologising for her drunken ways. And so, I consider her a friend and if anyone takes to her with a shovel they’ll have me to deal with. You’ve been warned.



  1. selfish said,

    people are cunts, basically. i wonder though, what her reaction would’ve been had her friend been elsewhere?

  2. monototo said,

    I’m convinced she was leading me on from the outset. She also said something in the kitchen about how she was “just playing with me”.. I don’t know. It seemed like she turned from being friendly to being a ‘bitch’ or ‘cunt’ or whatever word you want to dress ‘nasty’ up with.

    Whatever the case, whether it was the influence of her friend or alcohol, it’s left me wondering. I don’t understand why she would do that or what I should’ve done.

  3. Nimetön said,

    @ Selfish: Does it matter what her reaction would have been if the friend was elsewhere? I think not. If she is the sort of person who behaves like that under the influence of peer pressure then she clearly isn’t worth the time of day.

    @ monototo: Tough break dude. I’ve hung around with girls who have done exactly the same thing as this girl. Yeah,,, the truth is they are just small minded barbie dolls who gain pleasure from other peoples pain. Girls like that go through friends like they go through tissues. The only advice i can really give is to not be so trusting… easier said than done. By next week the girl will have moved onto her next victim and completely forgotten about you so its not something worth loosing sleep over.


  4. Peter E. said,

    That girl was so horrible, I spoke to her a bit and she seemed fine, but I can’t believe anybody would do that to a complete stranger. Indeed, quite the bitch-cunt!

    But seriously, you’ve got to feel sorry for her, I can’t imagine how she can justify or rationalise that sort of behaviour, she must have some reasonably significant issues by virtue of the fact that she’d do something like that.

    Even so, if I see her again I’ll beat her with a shovel and tell her it’s from you. Bitch won’t walk again Matty, I swear to you.

  5. monototo said,

    well said Nimëton.

    Thanks Peter, I think. I’m worried that a shovel might be a tad too direct though. I’ve been conjuring up this savage plan of attack which involves hopefully avoiding people like her in the future or talking to her if the situation promotes such dialogue.

    “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” -Mahatma Gandhi
    (though this quote makes me feel all mashed up because I haven’t looked very brave for a while. But I guess that’s just the matty brand of brave shining through)

  6. Peter E. said,

    I think you’re very brave, moreso now than ever before since I’ve known you.

    And if it’s all the same I’m just going to go ahead and paralyse her, OK sure it’s not as poetic as blah blah, but at least this way she’ll be a cripple for the rest of her life. And yet if I were to actually do this it would be ME who would go to jail. That’s democracy for you ;)

  7. monototo said,

    Peter, don’t you remember when I tried to drink that cigarette-water at Gid’s, or the chunky-spoilt milk at your place? I think we all know that these are the purest demonstrations of bravery. Gee Michelle can be so irresponsible at times.

    or this photo which was snapped at the party the other night:

    oh, and re: democratic terrorism:

  8. monototo said,

    Lois says it with such emotion.

    (only need to watch for about 30 seconds from where I linked to)


  9. monototo said,

    The lass just sent me a message, apologising for her drunken ways. And so, I consider her a friend and if anyone takes to her with a shovel they’ll have me to deal with. You’ve been warned.

  10. Ian said,

    I’m glad you guys have cleared it up Matty. I’ve met the girl a couple of times outside Saturday night, and she’s always seemed like a pleasant person, so it was really incongruous to hear about your experience. Admittedly drink changes people, but I think only Bluff had drunk enough that night to be substantially changed.. :)

  11. monototo said,

    She seems like a nice person. She’s just been going through some difficult stuff and decided to get drunk and forget about it.

    And I disagree Ian, there were a few people who were substantially intoxicated & changed that evening. Remember kids, alcohol doesn’t absolve you from responsibility.

  12. Ian said,

    You’re right. I was trying for a bit of levity based on what I saw of Alex (e.g. bottle + foot).

  13. monototo said,

    Sorry, I don’t do humour.

    … just joking :P

  14. avarine said,

    that picture of you at the top of the pole is awesome matty. i like how your eyes are glowing.

    and you and said chick may have sorted things out, but still, like you said, alcohol doesn’t absolve you of responsibility, and going through a tough time doesn’t mean you have the right to deliberately treat people like shit, especially people who are my friends! so for this little girly i have no respect.

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