through rose tinted glasses

3 July 2007 at 12:48 (Uncategorized)

just some thoughts, not particularly pleasant ones.

Your society is one built around death. Every single day the pursuit of pleasure is funded with the termination of life.

There is direct death; the obvious killing of plants and animals which you then consume without consideration – all part of the great circle of life. But you partake with such distinct lack of reverence, in fact, there’s a somewhat sacred right to ignorance. You’re disinclined to acknowledge the reality of the treatment of other sentient beings; their miserable life ended with callous murder. An industry of torment. Your morality is inoculated with ignorance.

Less direct; there are the wars waged to maintain your supply of fuel or to uphold your “free society” and protect your way of life. It sounds like a very American problem but I think that’s only because they’re the easiest to hate. In reality the problem is larger. It lies with western society and human greed which have snowballed to the point where the continued consumption of resources is achieved through limiting or stealing resources from others. This environment generates hatred among the repressed, which sometimes stimulates violence, which we respond to with war.

Still less direct; there is the death caused in your pursuit of pleasure. Many of the things you seek come at a price you’d rather deny. The medicines that you use and abuse have been extensively researched. This has founded an industry which breeds animals destined only for a life in a lab cage, and then execution once the experiment is complete. Meanwhile the alcohol industry that you support continues to fuel the road toll and channel people into the casualty wards.

And still, less directly… in the Sylvia Plath sense of death, your pursuits are only an escape from the inevitability of your own departure. You waste the night drinking or partying or you retire early and wake in the morning to worship the gods you’ve created. It remains true; you still all live for your gods or idols.

like I said, just some thoughts, not particularly pleasant ones. I guess we could write another article about life, about the miracle of creation and then the struggle to survive, even against the odds. but it still seems to me like a system centred in greed and ultimately ending pointlessly. I guess that’s depression.


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