fresh and full of death

23 July 2006 at 1:05 (General)

When I arrived at my parents place today I found them sorting through piles of clothes in the lounge room. They were having a major pre-spring-clean. After a brief exchange of pleasantries I turned to leave spotting a new ornamental china bowl on the coffee table with some cool-mints in it. I’m not sure how long it took before I realised it wasn’t cool or minty, but I fairly violently hurled it up. Moth balls are not part of a well balanced diet and keeping them on a coffee table would be really funny if they weren’t so noxious.



  1. Nimeton said,

    oh wow. that truly made me lol.
    lucky you realised what it was.

  2. toto said,

    wow, apparently this is a good idea


  3. nimeton said,

    I remember some mothballs from when i was younger. They were cream coloured rather than white. The ones on that CNN thing do however really look like yummy chewable mints. mmmm. bad. i wonder why they don’t make them more distinguishable.

  4. toto said,

    I’d suggest that the rancid smell usually distinguishes them adequately. The one I “snacked” on was pretty old and I couldn’t smell anything at the time due to unresolved sickness. :P

  5. Kent said,

    Way to resolve that sickness!

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