a few more of my favourite things:

8 May 2006 at 14:49 (General)

being early
clean teeth
dress pants
sms poems
soft misty rain
double clutching
Lady Gray tea

update: oh and how could I forget, riding my new bike


  1. nimeton said,

    I had to google double clutching. It sounds like a sensible thing to do.

  2. toto said,

    I always thought it was just good fun, but the link at the end of the wiki seems to think it still has some use. sorta

  3. Kent said,

    One of my favourite things:

    Automatic gearboxes

  4. Kent said,

    OK, not really, I like other things about my car, but whatever. I had to google double clutching too. sigh.

  5. nimeton said,

    See I think automatics are really bad for a person like me. This being because they promote really lazy driving. If i have a manual then, i’m more likely to be paying attention to driving rather than other things. and manuals do provide more control. particularly for freeway execration.

  6. Kent said,

    Maybe, but then when I was trying to learn to drive a manual I kept forgetting to brake and so forth. I’ll just stick with my lazy inefficient automatic gearbox.

    PS: you should probably look ‘execration’ up.

  7. toto said,

    I think you gave up on driving a manual too quickly kent. It’s harder than an auto so it takes more time. Then again, I wouldn’t want to learn in your dad’s manual, it looks too nice and shiny.

    There are very few benefits for driving a manual. Even freeway acceleration (aka execration???) can still be achieved in autos (chucking it into a lower gear should work just as effectively if you understand your auto’s gearbox). However, besides being much more fun, I think it’s a valuable skill, just incase you need to drive someone else’s car/truck/van/motorbike/bus in an emergency.

  8. Kent said,

    Indeed, if I want to go up the freeway at more than 60 I have to shift down. It’s more the clutch that one has to get used to, not the gearbox. If you know what I mean. Anyway I fully plan on learning whenever I get around to it, for dad now has a 4wd and one taste of the gammons was not exactly enough. Anyone feel like going to Innamincka?

  9. nimeton said,

    damn the spell check. at least you knew what i ment. hrmmm yes i know automatics have more gears than drive hrmmm. meh. bah

  10. toto said,

    Innamincka… ha, just tonight dad was saying that the lease on his subaru outback was almost up and that he was going to have to buy it because he still hadn’t used it for its intended purpose, exploring the coopers basin with my mum.

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