toto through the ages

26 April 2006 at 22:41 (toto)

I didn’t realise that toto was a latin word (though it isn’t surprising).

From Latin Words:

tot.o ADJ 1 3 ABL S N POS
totus, tota, totum (gen -ius) ADJ [XXXCX]
whole, all, entire, total, complete; every part; all together/at once;

it was reading a journal article when I came across this rather long sentence:

‘However, the problem with these studies is that it is questionable whether the results can be generalized to amphetamine users in toto, for they have only investigated amphetamine use in extreme-use samples – not community or population samples that include all users but mostly or only users who belong to a subculture in which heavy (intravenous) use is the norm.’

So, looks like I’ll be throwing that phrase into my essays. The power of toto brings about a touch of sophistication.



  1. nimeton said,


  2. toto said,

    ruff, ruff, RUFF!


  3. Kent said,

    LOL. You are all, we are merely parts.

  4. nimeton said,


  5. toto said,

    well, strictly speaking toto is all. toto is more than an alter ego, it is a European lotto giant, a Melbourne pizza restaurant, a Japanese toilet maker.. the list goes on. sometimes it is even hard to define. It is definitely more than a little doggie, but at the same time that little dog is central to toto.

    I was thinking along the lines of..
    toto encompasses all that I really am. there is no matty, matty is just a poorly defined sub-set of the real creature. A draft, an underlying and largely redundant subsystem. toto is all that there really is here. but that’s clearly pretty ego-centric and whacked.. The talk of a crazy man. quite acceptable for my current deluded state of mind.. (also, note: I have a toto category on my blog now)

  6. nimeton said,

    oh that bloody little dog. if i ever catch it i’ll probably kick it… or get in my car and … hrmmm.

    that dog. grrrr.

    toto reminds me of a disease… a bit like an alien invasion.

  7. Kent said,

    If you’re toto, then who’s Dorothy?

  8. cfsmtb said,

    Who really blesses the rain down in Africa?

  9. toto said,

    Kent: I guess Sparky logically plays the part of Dorothy..

    cfsmtb: “I know that I must do what’s right”
    *runs outside to do rain dance*

  10. Kent said,

    Dare I ask who the Wicked You-Know-Who is?

  11. toto said,

    errr… I’m not sure.. R3P1N5 nominated that he would be the scarecrow…

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