i hate monday

3 April 2006 at 16:29 (General)

This morning, on my way into my 9am physiology lecture the lecturer pulls me aside and volunteers me to be involved in a demonstration. He’s one of the oldest lectures in the department, a really nice guy, although his delivery seems fragmented at times, he’s passionate about the subject and knows his stuff. At the end of the previous lecture on balance, I’d discussed the finer points of the vestibular system in regards to juggling while unicycling.

Anyway, it’s tough to find guinea-pigs and I felt a little obliged, so I agreed to help him with his demo.

Towards the end of the lecture he calls me and another girl forward. The girl is blindfolded and we test her sense of proprioception and how it is effect by holding a physiotherapy vibrator against her biceps.

So the girl is sitting down, blindfolded, facing the audience.
“okay, let’s get Matthew involved in this now.. yes, from behind would be good – with the vibrator.”
the audience loses it, girl is glowing red from behind the blindfold, i’m waiting for the earth to swallow me.

As the lecturer tries to settle the class he murmurs, “I really ought to choose my words more carefully”



  1. nimeton said,

    Oh, that sucks. Maybe obligation isn’t a great thing.
    I had a hard enough time talking in my tute today… let alone demonstrating.

  2. toto said,

    meh. it was pretty embarrassing but at the same time I really appreciated the funny side of it. I felt most sorry for the girl who had also been roped in.

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