a few of my favourite things:

28 February 2006 at 9:10 (General)

rain water
fresh air
clean sheets
freshly shaven skin

Update: and orang-utans


  1. nimeton said,

    A list a long time in the making. Glad to see you were very selective and thoughtful about the whole process. They are good things to have as favourites. Its a good selection.

  2. Kent said,

    You’d be a freak not to have joy on there.

  3. nimeton said,

    Wow, I really did repeat myself in that last comment didn’t I? Will teach me not to over edit.

  4. Kent said,

    Perhaps you should try over-editing when drunk. I miss drunken blog posts, and long threads with us and R3P1N5. They were the days.

  5. nimeton said,

    Hrmmm. that is a thought. All though you really shouldn’t encourage me. I’ve been rather straight edge as of late.

  6. Kent said,

    Straight isn’t the word I’d use.

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