the crazy old man

4 January 2006 at 19:04 (General)

I rode up to a convenience store and parked out front. There was an old man walking towards me. He looked like a zombie, lost and confused, one arm in the air. However, there was no time for that because I was on a mission.

After my purchase, I exited the store and noticed the old man was still there, hovering over my bike.

He points with his raised hand; “that’s bike”, he states and then pats me on the back in the disturbing fashion that crazy old men exhibit.
“hmmm, yes that’s my bike.”
“That bike goes fast, You go everywhere. You go all through the city. You ride it to Murray Bridge. You go to Melbourne; go to Murray Bridge then Tailem Bend then over to Lamaroo.”
“Hmmm, yes, well not today. Anyway I must be off.”

Besides he’d spent enough time with me. There were other pedestrians coming down the path that required his attention.


1 Comment

  1. nimeton said,

    hehe. thats cool.
    funny thing is you do want to ride to all those places i bet.
    some crazy old fella keeps trying to use out work phone to call his mum. hrmmm

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