2005: from the bike lane

28 December 2005 at 11:09 (General)

this morning I was riding to the library, making a right turn from King William St onto Nt terrace. I was waiting behind a L-plater cruising in a BMW when I noticed a 50cent coin on the tarmac. An interesting place to find treasure, though it’s not the only object of interest I’ve come across this year:

Other things I’ve seen in the bike lane this year:
– A seat belt
– A shattered bike helmet
– A shattered child seat
– A dagger

Memorable occasions:
– Unicycling to a 21st on friday evening at about 1910hrs a bloke climbing into his car looked with amazement and asked me if I was all right.
– I wore through two rear tires, once till the tube was exposed and then destroyed about a kilometre from home on my way to a lecture one morning.
– I had some blokes yell at me for no reason from a car while passing through Glynde. When I caught up to them 2.5kms up the road in Paradise I knocked on their car window only to be greeted with looks of disbelief. I asked them to wind down their windows but they just sat there looking blank so I opened their door and asked them what they’d yelled. They couldn’t believe I’d caught them and sat there for a few seconds before one of them decided it was time to deny it.



  1. zane said,

    there really is a world full of idiots out there. the day i catch those guys who throw eggs at pedestrians at night-time, why I’ll…

  2. toto said,

    hmmm, good luck with that.

    I saw an apple yesterday and a teaspoon today. I’d much prefer it if people discarded large wads of cash.

  3. Deirdre said,

    (a) I’m so impressed Adelaide has a suburb called Paradise. It’d be worth going through there all the time just so you could say “I was in paradise today”.
    (b) I wish wish WISH I could see faces of those boys in the car when you caught up and opened their door. Hahaha… They must have been jumping out of their skins. A quick slap apiece might have been in order, but well done nonetheless. Very brave.

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