The 5000 Question Survey 2.0 (Questions 751-1000)

22 December 2005 at 10:15 (General)

From The 5000 Question Survey 2.0. Questions 751-1000

751. What causes you to panic? moving objects (cars, bikes, people, animals) appearing from unexpected places while I’m riding.

752. Do you believe that you have a strong personality? no. not really. At times I feel pretty feeble. Then again, if I feel someone is walking over me I enjoy standing up for myself.

753. When Jesus saves souls…does he trade them in for valuable prizes? no, he takes the cash.

754. What resolutions would you make if it were new years? it nearly is new years. I’m going to start doing push-ups and chin ups each evening and I’m going to try to brush my teeth twice a day every day. Good oral hygiene is very important. (as a side note, why do I feel that the word hygiene is so dirty??)

755. Why wait? because I figure it isn’t too long to go. I’m sooooo over two thousand and five

756. Do you feel like time is on your side or working against you? neither/nor. I’m young, I don’t think about time and the ‘grand scheme of things’. I’ll regret it one day.

757. What do you do for yourself when you are down to put a little joy back into your life? play the harp, go for a run/unicycle

758. How much Tolkien have you read? the hobbit and the first of the lord of the rings. And a little of the second lord of the rings. I thought the hobbit was much better. I didn’t like the first movie that much either.

759. These are the songs on the radio. Which are you most likely to listen to:
Time Bomb by Rancid
Dead Man’s party by Oingo Boingo
The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-ha
50 Ways to leave Your Lover by Paul Simon either this one
Run by collective Soul or this one. I’m not familiar with the other two.

760. Do you believe that Jesus existed as a real person? I’m uncertain. I think it is more likely than it is unlikely.

761. Do you believe he was the son of god? no

762. How do you feel about organized religion? I think it does more harm than good. But I won’t ban it when I become lord/ruler of the world universe

763. What sentence have you heard lately, that would sound pretty odd out of context? me: “That was a pretty tight box” (we were watching the soccer and the penalty square was pretty crowded). Or earlier today someone said to me: “You [matty] would make a good orang-outang.” I’m not going to even try to explain how that sounded normal in context.

763. If you had to choose one image to be a symbol of our times, what would you pick? I think “our times” will be remembered for its wastefulness. So something to do with the destruction of resources, like that ‘please dispose of thoughtfully’ icon they stick on the bottom of recyclable, single use drink containers.

764. Name a group of people: internet gamers

765. How many of them does it take to screw in a light bulb? bah, why would they want to do that?

766. Do you like the movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie and some muppets? I’ve never seen it

767. Do you like the movie The Dark Crystal? I’ve never heard of it.

768. Metallica or Guns N’ Roses? probably metallica.

769. Do you follow the Chinese zodiac? no

770. Do you like reggae music? I like all music.

771. What makes your life worth it every day?

772. Do you seize each day and sink your teeth into it? no

773. Iíve heard people say that Jim Morrison never yawned because he was just so full of life. How often do you yawn? twice a week. or there abouts.

774. Who decides what behavior is ‘crazy’ or ‘sane’? society. I beg to differ.

775. Who are the most inspiring artists, musicians, poets, and writers? Hard to say. As far as musicians go I’d say indi artists or those who belong to a city orchestra. Hard life, little return but they get to do what they love.

776. Did anything historically significant happen in the year you were born? not really. Well actually maybe.

777. Besides blowing out birthday candles when do you make wishes? never. no even with the blowing of the candles.

778. Are you self-sufficient? yes. fairly. I’d probably go crazy if I woke up and found I was the only person left on the planet. but I think physically I’m able to look after myself.

779. Is it better to be wanted or needed? needed. celebrities who’s purpose is to be wanted are not a global asset compared to the engineers, truck drivers, shelf stackers, nurses, road fixes, farmers.. etc.

780. What do you feel is an appropriate age to lose oneís virginity at? I don’t know. I still feel I’m too young to know what I want in life. It would be very different for different people. Some people would probably know exactly what they are doing at 16. The average male brain doesn’t finish maturing until ~23 years when the frontal lobes finish development. This region is important for logic, reasoning and complex puzzle solving which is probably fairly important when messing with things like STDs, baby making and other such ‘life decisions’. imho.

781. Do you feel that the appropriate age for girls and for boys is different? yes, girls brains finish maturing faster (on average).. Like i said, it probably depends on when the person is ready. therefore, if the girls are ready fast then there is a difference.

782. Are you a hard person to get to know? no

783. What is the craziest thing you have ever done out of anger? I dragged my sister by the hair once. we were ferocious little buggers weren’t we just?

784. What’s the MOST annoying sound you can think of? the high pitched buzz of cheap fluro bulbs

785. What’s the silliest vegetable you can think of? egg plant. They’re all pretty silly. probably asparagus.

786. Do you believe in love at first sight? no

787. Name one thing you have referred to in the past as ìbetter than sexî: I don’t think I’ve used that phrase.

788. What do you see when you turn out the light? last night I had my computer sleeping on the shelf next to me and I had to move it because the pulsating glow of the LED was keeping me awake.

789. Do you like jazz, blues and/or swing music? Jazz, then blues then swing.

790. Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? neither. I have one gold chain and cross but they sit in a leather pouch waiting for me to die and then someone else will find them.

791. In what ways do you want your children to be like you? It would be easier for me if they weren’t into wild parties and mindless destruction.

792. In what ways would you want your children to be different from you? better at telling jokes. I’d like them to have more fun. I’d like them not to give a damn as often.

793. What was the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? the grudge.

794. What was the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? I don’t know. I have been to see some live comedy over the past few years and although I was completely sceptical I couldn’t recommend seeing some good comedy strongly enough. Funny movies I don’t seem to remember. (oh I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen and although it was nothing to write home about I realised I do like comedies, they just aren’t memorable.

795. What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen? that movie that kent and nimetön saw… ummm. the one with the two girls who fall in love over the summer and then end up .. ‘Summer of my Love’ or whatever it was called. it was pretty average. not the worst I’ve seen, but the worst that comes to mind.

796. Are you a good massage-giver? average. I have decent stamina.

797. What is one question that no one can ever truthfully answer ‘yes’ to? Are you one of those people who never farts.

798. Is there more to this world than human beings can perceive? yes. I was reading a book last night talking about our perception of reality. It was arguing that if we didn’t have soft skin rocks wouldn’t be hard. If we didn’t have eyes the sun wouldn’t be bright. I guess the most obvious examples are the supersonic worlds of dogs and bats or the subsonic world of whales. Or the infrared world of snakes and tv remotes.

799. If matter is neither created nor destroyed then is it possible that you are made up of molecules that once made up Ghandi or Jesus or Einstein? possible that we are mede of atoms that were part of Ghandi or Jesus or Einstein, much less likely that we are made of the same molecules.

800. Are you often sarcastic? sometimes. I try not to in writing because it works even less often than in person.

801. How often do you change your mood in a day? depends what is on. if I’m doing the same thing all day then my mood tends to stay the same.

802. When you ask people how they are doing you actually care about their answer or is it just polite? I generally genuinely care, or I’m just being a smart arse because I knew they didn’t care when they asked me.

803. Would you consider yourself to be very polite? fairly. sometimes I am very un-polite and get very embarrassed.

804. Do you like movies and books that involve nuclear holocaust? yes. or that sort of apocalypse theme. I don’t like stories about war though.

805. Have you ever had a lucid dream (a dream in which you knew you were dreaming and had complete control over what happened in the dream)? yes. I highly recommend it.

806. Have you ever had a flying dream? Yes, many times. Also highly recommended.

807. Have you ever had a lucid flying dream? yes. (ditto)

808. What’s the oddest law you ever heard of? ‘you HAVE ever heard of?’… anyway. I don’t know. i before e except after c. there should be more laws that rhyme.

809. What is the ultimate way to connect with another person? camping

810. Can you be intimate with someone without touching him or her? probably. can’t say I’ve tried.

811. Can men and women ever really be ‘just friends’ with no interest in anything more? absolutely. Otherwise wouldn’t bi-sexuals be going after everyone they see?

813. Are you addicted to this survey like drugs? no. you’re funny mr/mrs survey man/woman.

814. If your signifigant other wanted to wait for marriage could you hold out or would you leave them (or would you cheat)? wait. I like waiting within reason

815. What’s the longest sentence you can make using only words that start with the same letter as your first name? Many malformed madly munching munchkins marched mournfully minus multiple MIA mercenaries.

816. If you had a theme song what would it be? Strange by the Living End

817. Are you cranky? very very rarely.. not right now

818. Which group generally annoys you more, people older than you, or people younger than you? people older than me. You should know better!

819. Do you refer to older people as old farts? no

820. Do you refer to younger people as the kids? Yeah. or children. “What’s that child up to” despite ‘that child’ being 3 years my senior. habit I adopted from my housemate.

821. Which is better: Poems that everyone can relate to or poems that are intensely personal to the author? they both have their place. but the first genre is probably better.

822. Is it worse to be too hot or too cold? too hot… unless you are extremely cold. being a little cold is really good but having your core body temp drop is worse than having it rise.

823. Are you so flexible that you can put your feet behind your head? no.

824. Would you enjoy reading fairy tales written about robots? yes. very much if they were adaptations.

825. Is smoking a turn on or gross? not attractive but (like many things) not unforgivable by a long shot.

826. What is the one way you wouldn’t want to die? hit and run.

827. Which would look sillier on you: A cowboy hat or a Rasta hat? Rasta hat. I think

828. Would you rather have a job doing something indoors or outdoors? not too fussed.

829. Would you rather learn more about human nutrition or meteorology? nutrition

830. Have you ever taken honors courses? no

831. What do you think of crop circles? interesting. I have the perception that they are mainly a USA phenomena

832. Where do they come from? I’m not sure.

833. When was the last time you screwed up big time? The thing I currently most regret is being late to meet an old friend in the city and then when I finally turned up I had next to no money. It happened years ago but I still feel embarrassed about it. Might apologise again and try to make things right.

834. You have a choice. What do you eat:
A veggie burger 1
A turkey dog 2
A cheese sandwich 3 (bad memories of getting my brothers lunch)

835. Do you get a lot of random instant messages? no

836. Do you have a paper journal also? no. but i have a few electronic, not all of which are online. I have a dedicated journal laptop that hardly ever gets used. shame, it has a nice keyboard

837. VHS or DVD? .mov

838. Vinyl, cassette tape, or CD? mp3

839. Have you ever seen the video/heard the song Days Go By, performed by Dirty Vegas? no

840. MTV: should it play morel videos or more shows? why would I care (other than the huge cultural influence they push)

841. Name a band: the Beatles
Do fans of that band tend to share any characteristics with each other? yes, they are generally older, male, balding/bold

842. What does the expression ‘touch and go’ mean? it means the outcome could(ve) gone either way.

843. Caffeine or alcohol? caffeine

844. Betty or Veronica? Betty

Archie or Reggie or Jughead? Archie

845. What book are you reading right now? I was reading some more of “The heart of Buddhism: practical wisdom for an agitated world” by Guy Claxton. I read a bit last night and it has taken me forever to get 1/2 way through (though I didn’t read much during the uni year). it’s heavy reading.

846. Is the news too depressing? no

847. Would you rather have a stuffed lion, elephant, pig or duck? lion (if I had to have a stuffed animal

848. Are you late for a very important date? yes (#833)

849. Ever use star 69? yes, well what I believe is the aussie equivalent, *10#

850. Is everyone as smart as you? no

851. Have you ever seen the musical Annie? no

852. Sheets: silk or satin? cotton. silk would be cooler though

853. Bath: soap or bubbles? oh, are you suggesting that one can clean themselves with bubbles? I always thought they were just a useless accessory. I don’t have a bath any more and when I did I never used it.

854. Your best color: blue or red? blue

855. What’s your favorite candy? red skins, or anything soft. or basically anything with sugar.

856. Can you sing? sometimes. sort of.

857. It’s the end of the world, as we know it. How do you feel? tired.

858. You take your little sister (she’s 12) shopping for school clothes. Mom gave you the money to hold. She picks out a skimpy top emblazoned “Hottie” and hip-hugging pants that leave at least two inches of skin north and south of her navel exposed to the wind. She insists: If she doesn’t have these clothes, she’ll look awful, the other kids will tease her, and sheíll feel like a nerd.

Do you think she should or should not wear these clothes? should not

Do you buy them for her? no. but I get mum to do the official denial.

859. What do you think is the most annoying clichÈ? they are all generally fairly annoying.

860. What band is underground right now but will one day get really popular? I think Harmony had a fair chance of making something for herself (a girl who lived around the corner from me once upon a time).

861. Of the following which word best describes you:
versatile (flexible): *
x-tra special:
your own best friend:

862. What does BYOB stand for? bring your own beer

863. Who is sexiest:
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Jim Morrison
Madonna *
Cyndi Lauper

864. Do you always do what’s expected of you? I’m not afraid not to.

865. Do you believe everything you hear on the news? no.

866. Would you prefer a $100.00 gift certificate to Hot Topic or Abercrombie & Fitch (assuming neither store gives change, so you’ll have to spend the whole thing)? err, do these places exist in Australia?

867. Have you ever won a competition? yes. I won the commando course on year 7 camp and was awarded $10 to spend in the tuck shop.

868. Who looks sloppier when they are over weight, guys or girls? over weight people can look very un-sloppy.

869. At what age do you become all grown up? hopefully never.

870. Have you ever written graffiti on anything? yes. on a desk and on a toilet door. both times I had something to say.

871. Can you remember what you wrote? no. it was in reply to a posted question.

872. Are you a force of nature? Not really (I don’t consider people to be)

873. What do you think of blue eye shadow? gross

How about gold eye shadow? looks good on drag queens (I mean that most sincerely. that is perhaps the only place it should be used)

874. Would you ever wear any of the following Halloween costumes:
Hippie? Most likely. but i despise Halloween and tell the neighbourhood kids that I declare my resistance to the inflated status of America and that they should look deeper for their own sense of culture. (i’m a scrooge)
Disco dancer?

875. Should birth control be taught in high school? yes

How about in jr. high or elementary school? yes

876. Would you consider yourself a genius? no

877. What did you think of the movie Solaris? I’ve seen it. I can’t remember it.

878. Which is usually better movies or books? books

879. Do you think The Hobbit will be made into a movie? no

880. Do you research which brands use sweatshops to make their clothing before you shop? not before I shop. Such knowledge doesn’t stop me from buying shit, it just discourages me.

881. What gives you a magical feeling? tail winds. kisses.

882. Have you ever pulled apart a Christmas cracker? yes

883. Would you rather watch basketball or play basketball? play ball

884. Do you think that everyone makes his or her own problems? I think most people contributes to their own set of problems.

885. Do you often consider how your actions will affect other people? yes. I think so.

886. Are J-Lo and Ben Afleck interesting to you at all? no. WTF?

887. Do you use bad grammar or hate bad grammar? both

888. Make up a tabloid headline: Ben Afleck uses bad grammar to woo J-Lo

889. Do you like to learn new things? Yes

890. What’s more important, fame or personal accomplishment? personal accomplishment

891. Sweet dreams are made of this…. who am I to disagree?
What are they made of? You’d have to define what a sweet dream is. I’m not sure on that one.

892. Two trailer park girls go round the outside…
Round the outside of what? the pub

893. Are you wearing a piece of jewelry that means a lot to you right now? no. I don’t wear jewellery.

894. If someone was going to inscribe a message on a ring and give it to you what would you want it to say? One ring to rule them all…

895. Guys who are losing their hair:
Should they shave their heads?
Get implants?
Or let it go?
They should shave.

896. Do rock stars work hard or lead the easy life? lead the easy life.

897. How much water do you drink every day? depends. I drank nothing the other day before giving blood which was pretty silly. I downed 3/4 litres in their office and then drank about 5 more litres before tea that night.

898. Are you driven or kinda apathetic? kind of apathetic. If I’m happy enough to be doing what I’m doing, than that’s enough for now.

899. Who do you turn to when you are down? no one.

900. Would you ever wear seran-wrap? as in glad-wrap? no.

901. Would you rather have a candle scented like blueberries and creme or butterscotch pecan pie? blueberries. but really I couldn’t be bothered buying something fancy like that, I’d rather just play with the flame.

902. Which ones are fruits and which are vegetables:
Banana fruit of a herb (technically not a fruit)
Cucumber fruit
Tomato fruit
Apple fruit
Carrot vegetable
Eggplant vegetable
Cherry fruit
Pumpkin Fruit

903. Does it annoy you when people talk loudly on their cell phones in public? I get a laugh out of it.

904. Is love a commitment to one person, or can you love more than one person at the same time? I don’t know. as far as significant others are concerned, I’d be happy with one person. any more seems greedy.

905. Cover or original:
Smooth Criminal; is it better by Michael Jackson or Alien Ant Farm? The original Whacko version isn’t too bad. The Alien Ant Farm cover is repulsive.
Blue Monday better by Orgy or New Order no idea. Orgy
I Want Candy; Is it better by Aaron Carter or Bow Wow Wow? Neither
Love Song; Is it better by 311 or The Cure? The Cure.
It’s My Life; Is it better by No Doubt or The Talking Heads? No Doubt (I think)

906. What is the most uncomfortable feeling? I was holding a baby today and it made a noise and I wasn’t sure if it had pooped it’s nappy. that was pretty uncomfortable. Walking in on intimate moments is also pretty nasty.

907. Do you like Maroon 5? ?

908. Would you ever go on a blind date TV show? no

909. How much of your wardrobe is dry clean only? 2 items I think. I don’t know, I machine or hand wash everything.

910. Who’s arms would you like to crawl into? no one’s at the moment.

911. What the hell is your problem? The bloody government, and immigrants, and taxes, and etc… (/sarcasm)

912. Look around you. What is the most beautiful thing you can see? My laptop (it’s a dark room and that is all that I can see other than my badly ironed sheet and my hands)

913. What is the most beautiful thing you can’t see? the stars.

914. Take a deep breath. Yawn deeply. Do you appreciate the things most people take for granted, like breathing? not often enough. I try to appreciate my good health while I have it.

915. Do you appreciate breathing more when you have a cold and you’re all congested and can’t breathe right? no, not really. Breathing is best at the top of a hill.

916. Is congestion a positive thing because it helps you to appreciate breathing? no. that’s kind of like saying is breaking your jaw a good thing because it makes you appreciate chewing

917. How is your life like a work of art? It doesn’t offer all the answers without a little deeper looking.

918. Do you feel that your life influences and is influenced by many other lives? yes and yes. absolutely.

919. Has a smile ever made all the difference in the world to you? yes.

920. Have you ever looked at a tree and considered how the roots could be miles long, trailing and entwining with other roots underground, all of them holding the soil together? not miles long. but yes.

921. Do you notice the little things in life? I try my best and fail miserably.

922. Do you feel, as Jung did, that deep down, underneath our individual personalities we are all the same? no

923. Do you feel a great oneness with the universe? no

924. When was the last time you decided to really enjoy yourself? I can’t remember. A friend invited me to her party the other day and the invite requested that we bring some nibbles and a positive attitude ready for a good time. I forgot about this until I was leaving but I think it really worked.

925. When was the last time you set your self free and acted without caring at all what someone else thought? yesterday I waved to a man across the street (we just moved house). he didn’t wave back but I figured it was his problem that he was so grumpy.

926. Have you ever held someone and appreciated how delicate and fragile all life is and felt that they were even more precious and beautiful because one day they would die..and so will you? no.. not that bit about death. though I like the idea.

927. In ten years someone else might own your house and the room you are sitting in now. Someone else might be standing right next to where you are sitting now. So that means you could be standing right next to someone but you can’t see him or her because they are ten years away.
Ever look at life like that? yes

928. When was the last time you:
Soaked in a bubble bath years ago
Read a good book outside a few days ago
Held someone’s hand ~three days ago
Felt truly joyful today (I am lucky. I spent the morning with the happiest person in the world)

929. What do you bring to this world that no one else can? mattyism. Everything that is the essence of me (toto)

930. Do you feel that you are part of every living thing in this world and that all those things are part of you? no. but I like the idea of ecosystems and the effect we all have.

931. Are you more afraid of death or not completely living? I’m a little wary of not completely living and instead wasting my time filling out stupid quizzes.

932. What was the last thing you wanted to do but didn’t or couldn’t do? ride to melbourne. though it shall one day happen.

933. Why don’t you try and do that thing now? because I have a meeting for work in less than ten hours.

934. What is the most wonderful thing happening right now in the world? the sun is rising over the pacific (at a guess)

935. Name 7 things going on around you that you normally wouldn’t notice:
1. the light on my alarm clock is on
2. the crackle of the radio
3. the lack of focus in my right eye (I just woke up)
4. a soft clunk from a house across the road.
5. the on/off nature of the neighbours outdoor vacuum cleaner
6. the tingling in my hand
7. the itching on my right thigh

936. Name three things you hate
1. racism
2. sun burn
3. skim milk

937. Name one GOOD thing about each of those 3 things you hate.
1. it’s becoming less common (perhaps?)
2. it warns of skin damage.
3. it’s higher in calcium

938. What do you tend to see in black and white, rather than in shades of gray? homophobia.

939. Admit three things you do that you are ashamed of but shouldn’t be.
1. I
2. Don’t
3. Know

I guess I don’t live with shame.

940. What qualities make a person good in your eyes? honesty, charity, compassion

941. Do you have any of these qualities? i try.

942. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want to? no. the end doesn’t justify the means. and I’m even less motivated to act on my wishes.

943. Name one bad quality about someone you love. their motivation

944. Name one good quality about someone you hate. hate is a very strong word. I wouldn’t say I hate anyone. I dislike someone who makes great music.

945. Are you pro life or pro choice and why? I’m pro choice. There is a place for abortion for victims of rape or when there is a large chance that both mother and baby will not survive birth. It isn’t a black and white issue.

946. If you are pro life write a reason someone might be pro choice. If you are pro choice write a reason someone might be pro life. Murder is wrong.

947. Can you see the beauty in? Yes
A bumble bee: yes
A man skating: yes
A woman combing her hair: yes
A box of tissues: you’re pushing it.
Yourself naked: yes
Light: yes

948. What are you most afraid of? cockroaches crawling under my shirt.

949. Whose life would you REALLY NOT want to ever have? that of a heroin addict

Why? lack of money, lack of fixes. What I would imagine to be a journey of perpetual hell that keeps reinventing its self day after day. And even if you come clean it would never leave you alone.

950. Can you come up with a reason why you might want their life? no. I was going to say it might be fun, but no. seriously no. no. and no.

951. Name one thing that is beautiful about your body the scar on my little finger

952. Name one thing that is ugly about your body the scar on my little finger

953. Name one thing that is beautiful about your mind Logic. even if it is somewhat twisted.

954. Name one thing that is ugly about your mind racism towards yanks

955. Who was the last person you were rude to? my supervisor. It was rude but it wasn’t out of line.

956.Are your elbows soft? yes

957. Are you ticklish? very much so.

958. Are you awkward or graceful? depends. when sleeping I’m graceful when dancing I’m awkward.

959. Do you wear glasses/contacts? I am getting contacts from a friend who is going to Singapore in the new year. the sort that change your eye colour (specifically to change my eye colour to pink so I can pretend to be albino)

960. If you wear contacts what’s the longest you have ever left them in your eyes? NA

961. What’s going on where you are right now? I’m on the bus now, it’s pulling into paradise interchange.

962. What is your favorite thing to touch? finger tips. I like to touch other finger tips.

963. What is your favorite kind of incense? no idea. I don’t like marijuana (surprise surprise).

964. What relaxes you? hammocks, gardens, cemeteries.

965. How much time have you wasted? today, about 35 minutes on this survey.

966. How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle? By limiting the spending.

967. What does teen spirit smell like? I don’t know, they no longer sell it (as far as I know) and they never sold it in Australia (as far as I know) and I wouldn’t have ever bought it anyway (as far as I know)

968. Do you mostly listen or hear? I think everyone mostly hears.

969. Look or see? ditto (see)

970. Do you comprehend all the things you read? 95%

971. Is it necessary to be repetitive in order to be creative? not at all. quite the contrary.

972. Do you control your attitude or does it control you? I gained control of it. Now we’ve come to an agreement where it can have control as long as it behaves its self.

973. Are your relationships mostly passion or conversation? conversation

974. Do you do what needs to be done regardless of the consequences? no. but I would if the cause was great enough.

975. Is money how you keep score? no. but I do like to be square.

976. Who can you do everything or nothing with and still have the best time? lots of people. just about everyone I know. perhaps I’m easy to please.

977. Just because you’re angry does that give you the right to be cruel? no. nor does having a messed up childhood.

978. What is maturity and where does it come from? maturity is making the sensible, right decisions and it comes from experience.

979. Who is the maturest person you know? my Godfather.

980. Who is the most immature person you know? I don’t know. I have a friend who is several years younger than me. he’s fairly immature. but then he’s 14 so it sort of justifies it. Life at that age can sometimes just be about damage control.

981. If there was a fire and you could only rescue one thing from your room (all people and pets have escaped on their own, even goldfish) what would it be? my laptop

982. If you could, what 3 albums would you force everyone to remove from his or her CD collections?
1 Anything Britney Spears
2 that Australian Idol album
3 Holly Valance

983. Does Marilyn Manson scare you or bore you? neither. I don’t think he is scary. He was rather insightful in Bowling for Columbine.

984. What do you think of the Insane Clown Posse? I am not very familiar. But they do a disservice to the clowning community.

985. What’s the best movie about high school? The Breakfast Club

986. Do you like Michael Jackson better in the 80’s 90’s or today? 80s

987. Is choosing a different store to shop in from most people really making a statement? no.

988. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done? probably the time I shocked myself with 240V mains electricity.

989. Have you ever ridden in a car while the driver had been drinking? yes. but not drunk

990. Who needs to get a life? a lot of people (including myself at times)

991. Do write on yourself with milky pens? I don’t have milky pens. but I use any other pen I can find.

992. What should be different about high school curriculum? they need to teach us about the world. About politics. Geography should be less about the land and more about global politics.

993. Right now are you exactly the way you want to be? no

994. Who can save you from yourself? society

995. Are you a responsible person? fairly. yes. I think so

996. “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”
ó Oscar Wilde
Do you agree? no

997. How many greatest hits albums do you own? four

998. Are you at risk for a.i.d.s.? minimally.

999. Do you want to have it all? no

1000. Do you collect green pictures of dead presidents? no



  1. Guess who said,

    Killjoy kayaking kindred-killer kleptocratic knackered knights keenly kept kissing kitsch Kiwi kitchenware knives, kindly keeping kneeling kangaroos’ knitted kryptonite knickerbockers kempt.

  2. toto said,

    you poo brain :P the whole time I was cursing over my sentence I was thinking of you out-doing it.

  3. Kent said,

    I used the dictionary. It helps that there aren’t many words starting with K.

  4. Kent said,

    Six subtly sexy salamanders seeking suspiciously surly …

  5. nimeton said,

    tehehehe. i may have thought of something if i had energy to do anything. sigh.

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