17 December 2005 at 15:48 (General)

My brother went to bed last night at 8pm. He’d been getting reasonable sleep (~4-5 hours) through the week but he’d been working 9-5 and was feeling exhausted. Anyway he just got up at 16:00, after 20 hours in bed.



  1. Deirdre said,

    It’s probably just the result of umpteen years of school. You feel the need to sleep it off (like a virus).

  2. Kent said,

    Last week I worked nearly 60 hours – and this week I got home at 4.30am on Tuesday morning, went to sleep half an hour later, and woke up at 7.30pm. Lucky it was my night off, or I’d have been five hours late.

    But anyway – where is your brother working?

  3. Deirdre said,

    I left a comment here this morning and it’s gone. Are you culling for quality now, or what?

    And 60 hours, Kent?? That’s terrible.

  4. Deirdre said,

    No way. It’s back! The first comment, I mean. Very weird.

  5. toto said,

    my brother was doing some voluntary work for a contractor who are installing new laptops for my dad’s work. Hopefully he gets something of value out of it.

    Dee, my comment-bot was probably just feeling shy because you spoke so kindly of her the other day (“I’m seriously impressed by your commenting system – how long is Kent’s comment?? Fantastic.”) But I agree, umpteen years of schooling will take it out of anyone.

  6. Deirdre said,

    I know these stupid comments are messing up your blog, but do I care? That first comment is gone again. There’s a mystery at work here.

  7. toto said,

    “even studies of persons deprived of sleep for 8-12 days rarely report recovery sleep lengths of more than 13-15 hours” – Claudio Stampi (1992) ‘Why We Nap – Evolution, Chronobiology and Functions of Polyphasic and Ultrashort Sleep’ page 138

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