life hack

4 December 2005 at 15:18 (General)

to stop band-aids from coming off: spray tattered edges with a minute amount of deodorant and then ignite with cigarette lighter. Burns fast and hot, melting the plastic. If it’s too hot to handle shake out or cover with hand.



  1. Deirdre said,

    This is the third time I’ve looked at this, and I still can’t tell whether you’re serious or joking…

    Superglue might work as an alternative, though you’d probably have to live without the skin-as-flaming-torch phenomenon. (Just guessing it’d burn too, but would also permanently solder itself onto your skin.)

    In other news, SBS TV will be running Donnie Darko on Wednesday night, and last night on ABC TV, the panel for My Favourite Film basically gave out the whole plot (if there IS one – none of them quite knew what it was about). It was voted fifth most favourite film in Australia, btw, and Fight Club was tenth.

  2. toto said,

    just to clarify, when I say “a minute amount of deodorant” I mean minute (as in my-nute), not 60 seconds of spray.

    Yes, you are right, super glue would work, but it’s messy, dangerous stuff. My sister suggested 100mph tape which would be even better but we have no tape of any kind in the whole house.

    Burning works for me because fire is always available. The plastic melts very quickly and I extinguish the fame within a second. Who hasn’t seen a kid wave their hand through their birthday candles or toy with a Bunsen burner? exactly, harmless fun (till someone gets hurt). However, when my mum saw me cleaning the bandage this morning she responded in much the same way as you Dee: She didn’t appreciate my line of thinking and fetched me a steri-strip which yields magical holding power. But I digress, the fear of fire is still way over-zealous.

    very cool about Donnie Darko. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the plot explained, that’s like describing a painting to someone, it’s still worth seeing. I didn’t understand it the first time but I still enjoyed it. In my opinion it’s funny (yet dark) and beautiful but admittedly it isn’t for everyone. If you’re going to watch it, make sure you get the beginning when he wakes up. I love it. But then don’t feel bad if you don’t like the rest… distaste would be very understandable.

  3. Deirdre said,

    Just to clarify, when I suggested Superglue, I was being stupid. If you want to douse yourself in non-my-nute amounts of deoderant and set fire to that (using that really very clever plastic & water arrangement… if it wasn’t the middle of the night I’d go outside and try it straight away), would I be saying stop? No, sir. I’d say the hot part of the flame is above it, not below it. As long as the plastic doesn’t melt ONTO your skin, you’d be smelling like a daisy (thanks to the deoderant). But that’s the part I couldn’t understand – wouldn’t the plastic have to melt onto your skin in order to stick? I don’t know what 100mph tape is, but Elastoplast (the type you cut yourself, with a pad down the middle) has remarkable holding power (the only problem being it’s not waterproof) and is really very hard to get RID of.

  4. toto said,

    yeah, the whole idea was to get the plastic to melt together so that it doesn’t fray. If it melts onto my skin, that’s also fine, at least it isn’t going anywhere… I cut my index finger right on the tip of the pad and typing is proving too much for most bandaids. Elastoplast is great but my wounds are always too big or (in this case) too awkward for that suff. The tape alone is good though, like a large steri-strip in practice.

    100mph tape holds cars together as long as you don’t exceed 100mph. Also called gaffer tape, it can fix most things from guitars to microwaves to relationships.

  5. Deirdre said,

    Good luck with your finger, then. Gaffer tape might be the answer.

    I tried that fire-lighting thing you linked to, and couldn’t get it to work. No gaffer tape available, for one thing, but it’s very tricky to focus the light and hold it in one spot. Maybe it just takes practice, or maybe it doesn’t work.

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