Dim TV

5 November 2005 at 16:45 (General)

It’s so difficult to ignore commentators. Lately I’ve been particularly irked by comments like this:

(car racing): He’s a master tactician, he plays these last laps like a game of chess; keeping his opponents under control.

Chess is not like car racing. Just because there may be some tactics involved in the race style adopted during the final laps doesn’t mean it’s like a game of chess. Imagine if you were to try and play a game of chess like the final laps of a car race. And chess isn’t always about keeping control of your opponents.

(lawn bowls): He’s like a chess player, always thinking one move ahead of the game.

Once again, just because there is some tactic involved in bowls doesn’t mean you need to liken it to chess. In fact, there is little in common. You only make approximately half a dozen ‘moves’ in lawn bowls and any tactic is dependant on your ability. There are typically many more moves in a chess match unless you’re only thinking one move ahead.

I should be studying, but whining is so much more fun



  1. nimeton said,

    whining is indeed much more fun,

    i should be essay writing but anything but is so much more fun :(

    as for chess… much skill i don’t have. but i guess the art of commentating would involve much making up of shit.

  2. Kent said,

    well apparently the australian cricketers are “hungry”, even though they just had a forty minute lunch break.

  3. toto said,

    i can empathise with that

  4. Kent said,

    Now they must be “digesting” their victory.

  5. toto said,

    hahaha. with lines like that you could probably get a job there.

  6. Kent said,

    Cannibals Devour Windies Tail

  7. cfsmtb said,

    “Armstrong is tapping out a pace which is infernal!”

    “Armstrong is dictating an unbelievable, infernal pace!”

    “This is an infernal climb!”

    “[Armstrong] will be looking at the muscle fibers of the guys in front of him. If he sees them twitch, he’ll be ready to pounce!”

    “He did what he had to do here this afternoon: He laid down the law.”

    Had to drop that one in. So, who was it? Paul Sherwen or Phil Liggett? No googling allowed!

  8. toto said,

    lol. I’m going to guess Phil, but it’s just a guess. Like I said, I try to ignore commentators. And those two can produce some weird and wonderful lines. Occasionally they can be informative but most of the time we just find amusement in their wacky choice of words and then get back to the race :)

  9. toto said,

    The suspense was killing me :)
    looks like I was wrong :(

    Sill that blog post has some other quirky Liggett comments. Was that the source you used or is it just coincidence that this has the same collection of Sherwen quotes?

  10. cfsmtb said,

    It was Sherwen. Tricky one thought….

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