ear ache my eye

20 October 2005 at 23:29 (General)

i think i have a pimple on the “egg-white” of my eye (the bulbar conjunctiva for the anatomists out there).

i didn’t know that was possible.



  1. Deirdre said,

    You probably should offer yourself up for medical research.

  2. bt3 said,

    I haven’t read that title in years. Points for making my day. And good look with the puss. I could think of slightly less irritating places.

  3. toto said,

    Dee: Yeah, fast money! But then again, I don’t think they give much out for eyes.. I’ve considered doing the spinal one, it’s really painful so they pay you in buckets filled with cash. However, I’d hate for them to bugger that up or anything.

    So, because it probably won’t be worth the bother I figure I’ll sit and just watch this one. I’m hoping it will further develop and give me some nifty feature like x-ray vision.. that would be worth the wait.

    And bt3: g’day! yeah, that song has some great lyrics. As for my eye, well it’s really hard to see the bump and it isn’t causing me any pain.. I’m surprised I noticed it.

    Haha, I just remembered what caused it. I was in a laboratory the other day and something landed in my eye. Luckily the pain quickly subsided so we assumed it was a speck of dust and not any of the chemicals we were working with. Anyway, after remembering this dad said he wanted to have a look. I showed him and he says, “looks like a pterygium to me.” Now, don’t go and image search for pterygrium because there are some gross pictures out there. My eye isn’t that bad, it looks something like this bloke or (more accurately) like a much smaller version of this

    my sister took some photos but they didn’t turn out very well.

    anyway, dad works in the desert where there’s heaps of dust and heat so these are pretty common for the guys in the field. He says I should get it removed. she’ll be right.

  4. Kent said,

    Shades of that tech centre poster.

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