The Most Wonderful Thing

3 October 2005 at 19:32 (General)

The most wonderful thing happened today. This morning, prior to my first cycle race (the 40km individual time trial at unigames) I finished off the last of the vita brits. Anyway, the race was run and I did suitably poorly for various reasons (preparation is the key to success). I also managed to punch a nasty hole into the back of my hand while trying to take my pedals off by slamming my hand into my largest chain ring.

But I digress, I was still fresh out of vita brits. So when I was free later in the evening I went into coles to pick some up along with some jellybeans and bananas.

According to my docket my checkout chick was called Tahli.

Tahli: Hi
Me: Morning
T: How are you?
M: Fine thanks, how’s your day been?
T: Yeah, not bad. Are you up here for unigames?
M: Yeah, guess what’s for breakfast…
T: Ummm, Vita Brits
M: Yep,..
(simultaneously:) and bananas.
T: So what’s your sport?
M: Cycling
T: Oh, that’s a real sport (as opposed to most other sports at unigames which involve turning up hung-over)
M: Yeah, but I’m not very good.
T: That doesn’t matter
M: No, I had lots of fun today
T: Well that’s the main thing. Where abouts are you from.. Adelaide (reading off of my shirt)
M: yeah
(at about this point the transaction is complete)
T: Isn’t it rather cold there?
M: yeah, sometimes, compared to this.
T: So, what are you studying?
M: Health Science… What about you? Are you at uni?
T: Not yet, I’m doing year 12
M: What do you want to do?
T: Journalism or International Studies. I want to work for the government or bitch about them.
M: Sounds like fun.
T: Yeah. Well enjoy your vita brits
M: I’m sure I will. Good luck following your dreams
T: Cheers sweetie.

Anyway, it might not seem like much was said, but when you consider this was all taking place at the cash register and that we just spontaneously got lost in conversation, it was just wonderful. And she was really happy and I was really happy and everything seemed to be good. It was very nice. She was so sweet, I hope her future is just as gorgeous.



  1. Kent said,

    Checkout has it so easy.


  2. slh said,

    “I want to work for the government or bitch about them.”
    I’d go with option B. There’s more end-of-day gratification.

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