CM BrisVegas

3 October 2005 at 21:24 (General)

Just got back from the Frenzal Rhomb. I’m tired and sore. I have a large blister on my right foot’s middle toe where I was jumping. The inside of my ears feel swollen. my throat is sore and my eyes sting (but I’ve never had so much fun, lol). Oh and my neck is really sore because the pillow I’ve been using for the last week sucks.

Ashleigh and I went out to an “all you can eat” sushi restaurant. Sounded like a great idea but we cannot digest all that rice fast enough. I was doing pretty well and tucking into a bit of everything but then this Chinese dude who plays soccer for Adelaide joined us and showed us that digestion isn’t really necessary if you’ve been raised off the stuff.

Earlier in the day I went to the Brisbane critical mass. It was meant to be at about 5pm, and by about 4:40 I was getting ready to leave when I heard the start of the downpour. It was a monsoon out there. The chick at the backpackers reception desk gave me this look of total disbelief as I strolled up to her with my bike over my shoulder, asking if she could please mind my towel because I might need it as soon as I got back.

Anyway, for the third day running I witnessed how crappy the drainage is in the brisbane CBD. It wasn’t much of a ride to the square and when I got there I quickly met a young bloke called grainclowd. He’s the composer for one of the computer games my brother likes to play. We waited. It was disappointing not to see any locals but not really a surprise, when weather had turned to total shit at just the wrong moment. We chatted for 45 minutes and then decided that it would still be good to go for a spin together.

Even though the conditions were still pretty sketchy, it was much better riding with someone else. The presence of two on the road is so substantial when compared to a lone bike. Actually that was true except at one stage. We were going straight through a set of lights when a truck doing a right hand turn from the opposite direction decided he had right-of-way. We just kept going through on the green light but had to swerve around to stay off his bumper.

Grain-clowd told me about CM in his home town, Chicago where they get a minimum of 1000 riders turning up and have a giant rolling street party. The cops have a lot of actual crime on their hands so they never bother the cycle protests.

Anyway, so we went for a short spin through the streets. I was leaving BrisVegas so I offered to give him my street map but he said he really didn’t need it (even though we’d just been lost). He preferred to fly around Brisbane on GoogleEarth and try to remember his route before heading out. When he gets lost he just uses it as an opportunity to learn the lay of the land. How technology moves, such things didn’t exist 12 months ago but now it’s being used to help find ants and uncover the past. Anyway, it was a great little ride and turned out to be a great evening.


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