A Light Shave

3 October 2005 at 19:13 (General)

It was around midday. I think I was on Kingsford Smith Drive (Brisbane), trying to head into town from the airport. I wasn’t sure if the bike track along the river had started yet so I was keeping close to the curb so i wouldn’t get in anyone’s way. As I went around the inside of a corner a large flat-bed truck overtook me, It was large, possibly an 18 wheeler. Anyway, the front of the truck cleared me by about a metre but the pivot hitch holding the trailer meant that the back wheels wanted to cut the turn.

I crept closer towards the gutter but I’d been pushing 50kmh-1 and if I’d veered onto the cracked and undulating surface I think I would have come down. I could picture myself going under his wheels. I thought about jumping to the footpath but there was a row of poles and trees separating it from the road. Instead. I jumped on my brakes as heavily as I was game, and watched as the rear of the truck came past and then swallowed up the space I’d been riding in.

Straight after, a business van passed me and the passenger yelled something to me, “Good on ya” or “Be careful”, I can’t remember I was still pretty shaken. I looked up to see him giving me a thumbs-up out of the window.

I kept with these guys over the next couple of kilometres. When the truck stopped for a red light and the van pulled in behind, I pulled up next to the van and asked the elderly Italian passenger whether he knew if there was a bike track that I should have been on. In his thick Italian accent he told me that I was riding in the right place and that if i kept along here I would run into the bike track on the river. Both driver and passenger continued to remind me how close it had been and warned me to take care.

I decided just to stick behind the truck and followed him for a few more clicks, but I then didn’t feel like spending any more time on the roads so I took a left and headed down into an utterly pointless detour through Fortitude Valley and New Farm (I didn’t really care where I was going, I just wanted to be off that road). After much delay I eventually found my way home.



  1. Deirdre said,

    Somebody should have warned you… Queenslanders in big trucks: they’re scary.

    Terribly glad you survived, though.

  2. toto said,

    Yeah, so am i. Queensland could also do with a map of cycle routes (or if they have some they could try making them available at the info desks)

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