2 September 2005 at 18:36 (General)

me and my brother, the remix:
download the .mov

I made this with the mighty morphX. Fantastic little program.
you’ll need quicktime



  1. Kent said,

    Ha I like Simon with the dirty half-messy Matty hair. Should try it out with a few of us more distant folk.

    Also interesting – load yer blog in Safari and scroll down, keeping an eye on, say your jaw. It distorts vertically as it gets close to scrolling off the screen. I’d do screenshots to demonstrate but you should be able to replicate it.

    If you’ve got your laptop back that is.

  2. Kent said,

    The black with blond streaks hair in the middle is not a good look.

  3. toto said,

    not bad though, not bad at all. I like the ear on the left. that is cool stuff

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