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24 August 2005 at 0:12 (General)

Tonight I went to visit an older neighbour. My parents know her but I’ve only ever waved and said g’day as I’ve ridden past. It was after tea when I knocked on her door. As she fumbled with the lock I introduced myself with my full name.

“Oh yes, come in matthew, I’ve been expecting you. Take a seat by the heater and I’ll just finish this phone call”.

It struck me as strange, I didn’t have any arrangement to see her, it was a decision I’d made two minutes ago. Anyway, I took a seat by the heater and occupied myself eyeing over the mountains of books on the surrounding tables.

I wasn’t trying to listen to her conversation, but I kept hearing my name.. This was also strange, despite probably not knowing my name before I’d introduced myself I could now hear my name at the centre of their conversation. For example, I heard her say that she “better go and talk to matthew”.. I guess it was weird because she kept using my name as if she’d been talking to her friend about me prior to my arrival.

After a short time their conversation ended and she came and joined me at the table. Apparently she’d been discussing a dream with her friend which involved a bloke named matthew coming and visiting her. I took it very matter-of-factually but now that I sit back and think about it, this was really weird.



  1. J said,

    “Oh yes, come in matthew, I’ve been expecting you. Take a seat by the heater and I’ll just finish this phone call”….

    Ooooohhh, spooky!
    Unless, of course, your parents had mentioned you may call in sometime.. ;-)

    The matthew bloke in the dream didn’t end up being the axe murdering type, I’m guessing..?

  2. Deirdre said,

    That’s too weird. What made you think of stopping, for one thing? (The telephone call… You were riding through the thought-waves running between them, and they got into your head… :D) And then she says she’s been expecting you, like it’s not at all unusual for her dreams to turn into real life. Be careful, Matthew.

  3. toto said,

    It was a chain of events throughout the day that motivated me to visit her. However, my parents couldn’t have warned her because I first considered visiting her about five seconds before I left my house. It took all of thirty seconds to walk to her door and my parents don’t have her number.

    As far as I know, she just said that there was a Matthew in her dream and that she had to get in contact with him. Sorry, no axes, nor violence, we just had a pleasant chat. I’d normally snigger at people who interpret dreams but it was crazy to see how confident this woman was.

  4. toto said,

    Oh, and she’s the sweetest lady… I can only see that she wants good in the world. Though then again, you know what they say about the quiet ones.

  5. Deirdre said,

    Yeah, I love what they say about the quiet ones: we’re so cool and admirable, who’d want to be anything else?

    You left out the weirdest part of her dream the first time: that there was a Matthew, but she had to get in contact with him. What was she going to do if you hadn’t turned up? And did she tell you anything interesting? In code, maybe? The location of vast riches, for example?

  6. toto said,

    ahh, I just went over there to lend her a book. She asks if I’m every called ‘matty’ because that was the actual name in the dream. I didn’t directly ask about vast riches, but I was given that strong impression.

  7. D said,

    No way, that’s just getting weirder. “Matty” is not that common an abbreviation. (I mean, it’s not unusual, but it’s not the first thing that springs to mind, either.)

  8. J said,

    Hmmm, the nice little old lady was “expecting” hansel and gretel when they came to call, too. Beware any bubbling cauldrons!;-) (and because you don’t know me or my warped sense of humour, and so there is no misunderstanding – I’m joking!).
    Did she tell you what the dream was actually about?

  9. J said,

    And if you tell me that she dreamt that a Matty was going to randomly call in to loan her a book, I’m going to want next week’s Lotto numbers from you, please.

  10. matty/toto said,

    I didn’t ask what the dream was about. I’ll be sure to when I go and get my book back (and i might get her to dream up some lotto numbers – not a bad idea).

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