Low Temperatures and Laptop Repair

13 July 2005 at 14:37 (General)

Due to complaints in the comments about the illegibility my recent journal post I have submitted this edited version. The spelling and grammar changes appear in bold so you can all point and laugh and think, gee, this guy is a total dumb arse. I have also correct the informal tone to make it less offensive for those of us who prefer to honour proper English when writing. Although I do not claim it is perfect, it is the best I can do in the time and space available to me. Also, please understand that I am using other people’s computers that don’t work properly. They have ‘insert’ keys that get in the way and spell checkers that don’t spell check due to missing .dll’s. Anyway, the original work (called ‘falling under’) remains in the archives and even though it conveys the same ideas, for all intensive purposes it should be disregarded due to the lack of professionalism which renders it less worthy, the work of an imbecile.


To conclude this series about uni results, today was notified that I gained a 52 in physiology which is reasonable. I was also noticed that I have not yet received a mark for the practical component of Biochemistry which I expect should be satisfactory.

Let us start at the start though. Today I rolled out of bed and dressed myself in lycra riding shorts, ready to go for a ride. As I was collecting the final things I needed together, my mother and I struck up a friendly argument concerning the state of the weather. She wanted me to take her car because she held concerns about the “misty rain and ridiculous temperature”. I was protesting that “the rain does not get you as wet when you are moving”. Then, at the very moment that I was saying “and it is not that cold” we both overheard the radio presenter from the AM station 891 finish the bulletin with “it’s 9.3”.

This temperature was enough to strike fear into my heart. I took her keys and walked out the door. While driving it rained continuously, at times very heavily. The trucks and cars sprayed water as they drove through puddles and the temperature continued to plummet. I was extremely glad to be warm and dry. It turned out that the news at the end of the day reported that it was the coldest day since 1986 and the temperature peaked at 9.5. I made a sarcastic comment about how this was proof of global warming.

I was dropping of my iBook at NextByte’s service store. I purchased tiger the previous day but it refused to install because S.M.A.R.T. was failing. This means the harddrive has probably suffered physical damage (perhaps while cycling with the laptop on the rear rack of my bicycle). I advise any person that values the text, photos, music or movies on a computer, to back their data up. I am really glad that I back up all my data. Losing data is a nightmare I have faced in the past but it is not hard to avoid.

Handing over my laptop for 5-7 days was reasonably painless. It is not going to cost me anything, however, they offered to reinstall an operating system for me for $75! I find this price absurd because software installation is a trivial task.

Afterwards I went out the front and talked to a man on my telephone that I had mailed a resume to a few weeks ago. I had felt reasonably pessimistic concerning gaining employment because I had sent the resume over two weeks ago and heard nothing. To my surprise, he was rather apologetic. He had not received anything, so we blamed Australia Post and decided to try again.

The rest of the day was fairly boring, but for that, I can only blame myself.



  1. toto said,

    I agree with Nimeton that Australia Post can be painful to deal with, yet we continue to use them. It is a shame that they have cost him money, I hope he has voiced this anger to them.

    In reply to Kent’s quire, at this rate it may not be an issue by the time he gets around to buying a new laptop http://news.softpedia.com/news/Samsung-Says-the-Future-is-Flash-Memory-3701.shtml. Anyway, this will be cool in terms of battery life, noise and data speed.

  2. Kent said,

    Hey, I would and normally do keep my mouth shut, but nimeton correcting spelling was frankly too much for me to bear in silence. I mean really. The last page I’d looked at was an email from him with a howler in it.

    FYI I can spot one more error but figure we can let that one slip.

    And can we hereby announce a truce? I thought we had an informal one, but let’s have a formal one. I propose that there should be no more spelling corrections and no more culling of contractions, because I love all contractions ‘n hold ’em dear to me ‘art.

  3. Kent said,

    PS no-one ever said or thought imbecile, you’re constructing this all in your head. OK I mostly made this comment because I spotted another blue :p

  4. Kent said,

    Um, three and I am now leaving the country.

  5. nimeton said,

    The only reason I ever point out spelling mistakes is for my own benefit really. Its re-assuring to be relatively sure if something is correct or incorrect. I couldn’t give a toss about your spelling or structure as such but I just pointed out your mistakes because i could. As Kent much of my writing is very, very bad. So yeah I’m not really having a gripe at your english if that makes any sense.

    As for Australia Post….. Oh complaining is fun. Lots and lots of fun… your complaint gets reduced to a form of little boxes you have to fill out. once your done spending mindless amounts of time filling out this form it gets filed with australia post head office in a land far far away. I expect about 75 percent get filed in a rubbish bin before they even reach where they are supposed to and the ones that do get through pretty much get ignored. lots of fun.

    and whats worse is that there is no alternitive unless you want to spend $5 to send your 45 cent letter or $100 to send your $20 package.

    Is yeah aust post can offer the shittest service they like and no one can really do much about it

  6. Kent said,

    Have AP been privatised?? or are they still in government control?

  7. Kent said,

    PS: picked up a shopping list tonight with such items on it as ginga, leman, and chille, so…

  8. nimeton said,

    yeah aust post has been privitised for hrmm quite a while now i think. They split up PMG into seperate postal and telecommunication departments in the late 60’s i think… and umm i think aussie post was privitised in the 80’s.

    i think the aust post crap situation is probably partly why telstra privitisation is debated so much.

    oh and whats with the obscure shopping list?

  9. Kent said,

    ginga = ginger, leman = lemon, chille = chilli…. sigh.

    and yeah stupid people at aust post, they should slicken their corporate arses and start caring about the customers. it’s ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. sheesh.

    /sarcasm because i just don’t want to be misunderstood again.

  10. little said,

    hey bro; am enjoying reading about daily activities and results (hang in there) and thoughts and meanderings. and apple mishaps. my ipod recently stopped any visible/aural activity; which has driven me crazy. had to send to aust – to sis – to fwd to fixer – to fix – to send to sis – to fwd to me – ha. ahahahah. yes, i\’ll be lucky to see the damn thing again in my life time. let alone listen to it working. whatever the circumstances, there\’s some pain involved when techno fails and you can\’t fix it yourself! grr (was tempted to have a go – reckon it\’s the connection to the battery that\’s loose – but if i open the back i break warranty, so i played chicken) hope you are well, techno disturbances otherwise –

  11. matty said,

    Hi little,
    Yes, iPods can be temperamental little buggers. I was in a similar position with my iBook: I knew it would take them about a week to fix it, versus about an hour if I gave it a shot. I ended up taking it back because the part was going to set me back at least $100, and this way I can’t screw the repair up.

    iPods are good while the work but they seem to have a fairly poor track record. I’m trying not to touch mine at the moment because it contains the backup copy of all my stuff. If you want, Kent was offering to swap a reliable tape deck for an iPod last time I saw him (lol)

  12. nimeton said,

    tisk. sigh…

  13. Kent said,

    a reliable tape deck for a *reliable ipod* mind you.

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