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12 July 2005 at 21:38 (General)

Concluding this ever exciting series about uni results I got word that I scored a 52 in physiology. Hey it’s better than a kick in the head. Also, I noticed I haven’t received a mark for the prac component of biochem which I expect should be okay.

Let’s start at the start though, today I rolled out of bed and into the lycra, ready to hit the road. As I was packing the final things I needed together, mother and I struck up friendly argument concerning the state of the whether. She wanted me to take her car ‘cause of the “misty rain and ridiculous temperature”. I was protesting that “the rain doesn’t get you that wet when you’re moving” and just as I was saying “and it’s not that cold” we both overheard the 891 presenter finish the bulletin with “it’s 9.3” (at the end of the day the news was saying it was the coldest day since ’86 and peeked at 9.5. That’s global warming for ya!)

Anyway, this was enough to strike fear into my heart. I took her keys and made for the door. The whole way across town it was raining, often in sheets. The trucks and cars sprayed water wherever they could and the temperature continued to plummet. I was really glad to be warm and dry.

I was dropping of my iBook at NextByte’s service store. The previous day I’d purchased tiger but it refused to install because S.M.A.R.T. was failing. In laypersons terms this means the hard drive has been knocked about (probably while cycling) and it’s been damaged. People, if you value the text, photos, music or movies on your computer, BACKUP YOUR DATA (and don’t strap your laptop to the rack on your bike). I’m really glad I back up all my stuff, but it’s a nightmare I’ve faced in the past and it’s not hard to avoid.

So, handing over my laptop for 5-7 days was reasonably painless. It’s not going to cost me anything, however, they offered to reinstall an operating system for me for just $75! Ummm, no thanks guys, I think I’m capable of turning it on, inserting the DVD, clicking ‘continue’ and then watching Le Tour while it finishes.

Afterwards I went out the front and rang a guy I’d mailed a resume to a few weeks ago. I’d felt pretty pessimistic about the outcome for the whole employment thing, I’d sent the resume at least two weeks ago and heard nothing. However, he was rather apologetic. He hadn’t received anything, so we blamed Aussie Post and decided to try again.

Anyway, the rest of the day was fairly boring, but I can only blame myself.



  1. nimeton said,

    weather, whether
    of, off.

    I’m sort of glad my laptop harddrive is kind of small…. because if it wasn’t I’d be tempted to store pretty much all my data on it and i wouldn’t back it up… which is just being sheer lazy on my part.

    So yeah I’ve been meaning to copy a heap of stuff off my external harddrive but now I’m thinking twice about the idea.

    As for resume… Would not surprise me one little bit. The bastards that run that joint have cost me considerable amounts of money.

  2. Kent said,

    Cool! If nimeton can correct spelling does that mean I can, you know, um,… (it’s peaked, not peeked)

    Bad to hear about your ibook – and I was very much planning on carrying mine (if I ever get it) on my rack. :-/

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