12 July 2005 at 0:11 (General)

Biochem: 31F. the exam was worth 85% of that. Assuming i was sitting on about 75% of the terms work mark (worth a misserable 10% in the final mark) I speculate that I achieved about 20% in the exam. thinking about the amount of time dedicated to this subject would probably just make me cry. It probably had something to do with how I went about leaning the material… ummm yeah… I think I might go and find something else to do now.

On a brighter note, at least I know I don’t have to waste anymore time with a supp exam. Fingers crossed for physiology. If I can get a pass I figure I still might be able to finish 2nd year during the summer.



  1. Kent said,

    Finish second year during the summer??

  2. toto said,

    yeah, summer school, possibly.

  3. nimeton said,

    sounds drastic…. are there not other options? perhaps not.

  4. toto said,

    meh, doesn’t seem that drastic to me. we shall see.

  5. Kent said,

    It seems drastic when the last I heard was that you were pretty set on dropping out before second semester even started!

    I’m a little bit confused – there’s no point ‘finishing’ ‘second year’ if you’re not even going to pursue this degree to the end – as I thought you were pretty set on doing??

  6. Deirdre said,

    People who pass Biochem are mutants.

  7. matty said,

    kent, it all depends on whether I need half decent uni results to get where I want to go. I may not be able to transfer if I don’t complete second year (so i believe). If I can’t get into flinders because of this mark I’ll have to repeat a second year subject so that they oversee it.

    Dee, perhaps, but they don’t have any cool mutant abilities like forked tongues or x-ray vision.

  8. Deirdre said,

    True. As mutants go, they’re extremely uncool. You’ve had a lucky escape.

  9. Kent said,

    Bollocks, I transferred without finishing second year. All they’ll care about is your grade point average, and re-doing a subject is not going to erase this fail from your record. I mean, you’d have to get 91 in order for it to average to a mere 60 pass.

    But, I suggest you find and talk to someone who knows how the system works (good luck), before wasting huge chunks of your life on pointless subjects.

    (I just realised that perhaps you want to step into a half-complete degree at Flinders… but that’s the only situation in which your argument makes sense, and I’m not sure if it applies here)

  10. Kent said,

    *cough* 89. Simple arithmetic is NOT beyond me, I swear!

  11. matty said,

    yeah, good idea, I’ll seek out some professional advice.

  12. Kent said,

    Yeah, enter the dungeon of the worst bureaucracy on the planet. Good luck and I hope you emerge from the other end alive!

  13. toto said,

    hey, I’m trying to remain optimistic about this.

  14. Kent said,

    Hrmm optimism does not help with the terrible blank stare of SATAC and the “you need to talk to that other office [who just directed you to this office]” of the university people.

    That’s what I’ve found, anyway. Every. single. fucking. time.

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