9 July 2005 at 16:03 (General)

Cells Tissues and Development turned out to be an overall success. 62P which was slightly below the average but well above the supps. I’d like to dedicate this success to my bike, I couldn’t have made it to uni without you (well not as cheaply). It’s raining rather hard. I think I’ll go for a unicycle to buy bike spokes.



  1. nimeton said,

    Congratulations :-)

  2. toto said,

    cheers. (and unicycle was good, amused several bystanders which is always a bonus)

  3. Teddy said,

    Is it actually possible to go unicycling at any time without amusing bystanders?

  4. Kent said,

    Yeah, it is. Most people pretend that seeing someone unicycling down the footpath is a totally everyday occurrence that doesn’t interest them in the slightest. Idiots, you know you’re fascinated and suprised and bemused!

    Well done on avoiding supps. I am a bit confused about tomorrow so I’m now going to ring you and repeat everything I just said. Annoying, that.

  5. Kent said,

    Thing For The Day: surprised has two “r”s in it!

  6. nimeton said,


  7. Kent said,

    Apologies if I gave the wrong message there, I was correcting my own spelling.
    Please don’t be hrmphy! :D

  8. toto said,

    I think it helped that I was holding a broken bike wheel in one hand and an open umbrella in the other. On the way home my arm became sore so I hooked the wheel onto the curly end of the now closed umbrella and swung it over my shoulder like a tramp with his possessions on his back.

  9. Kent said,

    Heh cool. That tramp has clowning shoes!

  10. toto said,

    (and a clown nose and tramp-clown make-up. respect to the tramp clowns for they are wise)

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