do you love kung-foo fighting?

7 July 2005 at 23:01 (General)

I’ve been feeling so utterly miserable for the past few days. being a teenager sucks. being a twenty-and-a-half-year-old who can’t escape these cycles sucks as well.

I think i finally finally did away with semester one of uni today. received an email last night saying that if i didn’t show up with tutorial 11’s answers before friday I’d receive an incomplete fail, which will be slightly worse than the fail I’m expecting for biochem. So I go to uni to hand in the answers to the tute they wanted, the same answers i’d emailed to my tutor. I then hunt down the place to pay my student fee, something I could have done since February. Had to borrow mums credit card because the bastards don’t believe in the value of ACTUAL money. Subscription to a mainstream bank shouldn’t be a prerequisite for university. I might protest a little first next semester, student fees are too over rated for this type of shit, and talking to my dad, it sounds like they always have been.

What else sucks, well tonight my sister accidentally slammed the side of the screen door into my head and then muttered her usual excuse of an apology. She then bribes the dog back into the patio using his leash (hinting they were going for a walk) only to lock him in. I might try that to her next time I want something… I’ll bribe her with something she wants and then show her that my promise had no weight. Cruel bitch. I ended up talking the dog for a walk again.

Anyway, I should stop this bitching, it’s not making me feel any better.



  1. nimeton said,

    well… good on you for taking the dog for walkies. it probably appreciated your efforts muchly.

    a girl at work nearly failed one of her subjects because they lost/misplaced or otherwise didnt receive the work she handed up. dodgy.

    as for student fees… yeah unless you actually use the services then what is the point… the only thing i ever use at uni is food and it is still damn expensive.

    hrmmm…. don’t worry about uni at this point because you cant really do anything else. you tried at least.

    take care dude and try and avoid anymore screen doors or sisters :s

  2. Kent said,

    Yeah, I totally love kung-foo fighting. Especially when it takes part while falling (jumping) from a third-floor resturant kitchen in Hong Kong.

    I’m with nimeton on the whole uni thing. You’ve gotten a whole lot further than I ever did. Over now (finally! for you), Sparky loves you, lotsa fun to be had!

    (Man, so glad we made the comment spam catch-page)

  3. Kent said,

    The third floor resturant kitchen window. Pah, actually putting words into the sentence. So over-rated.

    PS: today was shithouse for everyone, methinks. Even the people at the student office must’ve been extra shitty… I definitely paid my fees in cash there last year. Meh.

  4. matty said,

    maybe I was wrong about the paying in cash thing. I’m fairly sure i’ve paid in cash there before (the student place by the post office)… on their form and in their emails though they say that you can pay by cheque or credit card which is kind of misleading.. well I was mislead.

    My head feels better and when I wasn’t feeling as angry I paid my sister for helping me with something using monopoly money. She got my point.

  5. old fart said,

    My word, you’re young! I’ve attained a point where I firmly believe youthfulness is a mental state.

  6. matty said,

    I don’t really understand. maybe when I become and old fart youthfullness will make more sense.

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