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28 June 2005 at 22:17 (General)

Lucas Brunelle Videos:

If you’ve got the urge to download a 50mB file or just have bandwidth to kill, I highly recommend the top video, ‘drag race NYC’ (

As you can see from the top picture these guys are absolute nutters. They make cycling in the US of A look like a totally different ball game. Watching these videos gives the strong impression that these guys have no respect for anyone else. However, upon watching the total set of videos on the site you can see that the pedestrians and motorists also like to bend and break the rules and fight for dominance. The only difference is the other modes are not able to break the rules with the determination, courage and/or extreme stupidity of these cyclists.

The majority of the footage consists of fast paced races through a fast paced city. You see them running every red light they can, cutting off motorists and foot traffic in the process. They ‘stitch’ rides (hitching a ride by holding on to the boot or rear wheel guard of cars). They weave through pedestrians and make it through seemingly impossible gaps in between busses or cabs. They ride without apparent fear and show total disrespect for cars, cabs, busses, pedestrians, cyclists, each other and themselves. Although their behaviour is utterly stupid, you cannot help being amazed by these speed daemons who live above the law (evident when they cut in front of and run a red lights in front of cop cars).

It is almost like they are striking out against their oppressors, where cars normally dominate the roads and make them go slowly, these guys turn the tables . They are selfish, not sharing the roads but rather demanding that everyone else gives way to them. Then again, they are predominately just getting in the way of motorists who are also rather selfish; ecologically not everyone can afford to drive but the world could support pedal power for all. You can only burn each fossil fuel (which is a rare and remarkable chemical) once every million years, where as the fuel for cyclists is sustainable.

So they are bandits; rebels with or without a cause (it’s hard to tell). Still, I would really like to know how they remain alive. In the entire online collection there is only one crash where the guy runs into the front fender of a car and then gets up and rides away. It almost seems unfair. In comparison I ride so timidly, maybe that’s part of my problem… then again, maybe they’ve just got good at it, it looks like they’ve been doing it for quite a while.



  1. Nimeton said,

    I must download after exams. i havent seen it but editing isnt one of the reasons they don’t seem to crash? mayhaps a stupid question. at any rate these guys sure seem more entertaining than cars.

    some guy on late night radio national was saying that petrol should be priced per barrel about 300 times what it currently is… ill see if i can find the interview somewhere. it was interesting.

    sigh, my brain has all ready gone to sleep for the night. its waiting for my body to catch up. maybe i should have put a y in the spam bot box.

  2. toto said,

    It’s a highlights package, but I believe each film is from a single race. yes, it could be highly edited, but their confidence can’t be edited. Most sane people don’t ride with their level of confidence unless they can get it right 99% of the time (which is what these guys appear to do).

    They wouldn’t get much footage if spills were edited out because they would probably be hospitalised. You don’t get up for a second take after slamming into the back of a bus in excess of 30kmh-1.

    While it sounds very plausible, I don’t think it’s the reality of the production. However, I’d be interested to know if you still think it’s highly edited after you’ve watched it.

  3. Nimeton said,

    as i said i haven’t watched it so was purley speculating. shall comment after i actually see it.

    This is the oil thing i was refering to by the way but of course there is no bloody transcript:\

  4. supermaxwell said,

    Well you’ve just got to get yer damn exams over so I can come and see this damn thing. Damn can I say damn one more damn time?!

    Cycling dangerously is too much fun. I don’t know about traffic but gosh I wish there was a train line to the top of the freeway.

    Oh. So ‘sure as hell am’ isn’t the right answer to the spam question. :-/

    Oh. Neither is ‘no way in hell’.

  5. Deirdre said,

    “In comparison I ride so timidly, maybe that’s part of my problem…” What problem? What are you saying, you want to ride like a fool?

    And you’re being very rude to spammers: I’m not evil. I care. I care. I care so much I want to spread it around. (This… is… a… joke…)

  6. cfsmtb said,

    Contra-flow riding in a Big American City? Arrggggg!!!

  7. toto said,

    Nimeton, while there may be no transcript, some of the slideshow PDFs on the site that the abc link to are rather interesting: (ie The Future Cost Of Oil!)

    Supermaxwell, please excuse these glitches. The spam-bot killer is still in beta. I’ve added support for “no way in hell” to the growing list of possible responses. Thanking you, your feedback is much appreciated.

    Deirdre, I don’t want to ride like a fool, I was trying to say that it’s a fine line between confidence and stupidity and I don’t think I’ve reached it yet.

    Cfsmtb, in Drinking & Racing (50mB) the camera man slaps a car who then chases him down. Because he’s on a mini highway and there’s no where to run the bloke jumps the medium strip. For the next few kilometres he rides into the oncoming traffic including a large truck/semi! The race continues and you forget about the car until about five minutes later when he pulls up in a park and the car drives in straight after him!

  8. Kent said,

    Whoa I just checked the php file. Nice! I think I can find a response or two in there that will satisfy my warped sense of identity.

  9. Teddy said,

    It’s times like this that I wish I hadn’t maxed out my download limit at uni. :(

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