feeling famous

24 June 2005 at 21:54 (General)

Mum says while she was reading a letter in the editorial this morning she thought, ‘that sounds just like my matthew’. It nearly knocked her socks off when she saw the name that was printed underneath. lol :)

Whale of a tale

on a related note, I’ve been reading this bloke’s diary. It’s literally had me laughing out loud, almost even rolling on the floor. Pretty crude and unbelievable at times, but then again, Japanese culture is capable of producing some pretty funky things.



  1. Nimeton said,

    That is actually a suprisingly good photo. Like the way it is angled. more interesting than a scan. meh.

  2. Nimeton said,

    Oh and that guys diary is really worth a read: “It’s actually a little disturbing to think that my life now includes a little Japanese girl who will randomly teleport into a place, yell “breasts!” at me, then teleport out as quickly as she came.”

  3. matty said,

    cheers, it’s on such an angle because I didn’t want to get my shadow in the way. Reminds me of the star wars intro.

    The photo’s alright, I was considering taking it again though cause it’s a little too grainy around the top for my liking.

  4. Anonymous said,

    mmmm… I don’t know any R. Cardwells

  5. panda said,


    Embittered but he has a point.

  6. panda said,

    Ahhh I see what you mean about the laughing out loud.

    “But, I digress. So you put on your “gettin’ some” clothes, and head to the club. You pay your admission (like an amusement park�only you don’t need harnesses for the rides�unless you’re into that kind of thing�) and probably immediately head for the bar. Because you will probably want to be drunk for all the stuff that comes next. It’s not required of course, but oh boy does it help.”

  7. panda said,

    “When she gets you alone and asks you what you’re feeling, stick your hand in your pocket and respond with “my left nut.” Then ask if she’d like to share that experience.”

  8. matty said,

    yeah, everything he writes has that element. I like it all but his “I am a Japanese School Teacher” series probably remains more light hearted.

  9. panda said,

    And now I’m somewhat addicted to the forum.

  10. Deirdre said,

    I was a bit motivated to hate that link (some of these comments make it sound hyperblokey) but you’re right, it’s really funny!

    And I’m still laughing about your Mum, anyway… “That sounds just like my Matthew.” (read read read – scream!!) “That IS my Matthew!!”

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