Word on the playground:

29 May 2005 at 1:00 (General)

For a few more details see adelaide’s indymedia!

We gathered, we rode, we vented our disgust openly towards the driver of a Ford Excursion (Nimeton, is that your car next to the 3900kg, 1.3 km/l, ahem “commercial vehicle”?)

You know what they say about boys with big cars… (they’re compensating)

Critical Mass turn out wasn’t fantastic, but then there weren’t too many bikes in at uni. People must be scared of the rain or something. My bike was out of order most of this week, the wheel started buckling due to a broken spoke. It’s in just the wrong spot (rear, non drive, inside spoke) and I can’t take the rear sprocket off, so I’m going to wait till after exams and take it to the bikeshop and get them to service it. Rode my sister’s mountain bike in instead. While it is considerably lighter than a Ford, it’s still a fairly gross weight. I don’t know how I ever rode one of those, I must be getting slack or just impatient.

Anyway, thought I’d end with a word of the day: gym/gymnasium, comes from the Greek meaning ‘place to be naked’. It’s one of those pieces of trivia that I’ve known forever, but it never fails to entertain me when those funny gym-going people say they’ve just been working out.



  1. Nimetön said,

    It seems to be that time of the month again.

    And were you being serious? Or annoying or what? Normally I appreciate a mention on your blog but to be thrown into a derogitoray comment about 4 wheel drives and I’m not totally sure what you are implying. Either way I don’t think I appreciate it.

  2. toto said,

    I was talking about the picture of the Ford Excursion I linked to! the car they compare it to is much smaller and much more like yours (ie same make, same model (?) ). My comment is totally neutral in regard to you.

  3. Nimetön said,

    hrmmm…. fair enough… ;-)

  4. Nimetön said,

    Just a side note:
    I so enjoyed using your blog to get to Kent’s blog but now the experiance has been lessened. So sad :(

  5. toto said,

    I figured it’s hard enough to find porn on the net without false links. Plus I didn’t want to get sued for false advertising by a 10 news fan when he/she/it gets some major whiplash due to the undelivered promises. Until kent provides the pics… (actually that would probably make me remove all mention of kent from my blog and then run away to a URL in a distant galaxy)

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