Wheels of Justice protest

7 May 2005 at 15:56 (General)

here’s a page of photos from the Wheels of Justice protest.

It was on this morning at 9:30 am which is way too early for me on a Saturday. I managed to sleep in and I woke up just in time to get a lift into town with dad who was going to pick up my brother after his formal shenanigans.

Throughout the city and outer suburbs cyclists were out en mass. As we approached King William street the lights were flashing orange. About ten seconds later a couple cop cars rolled passed followed by some people marching with signs and a bunch of solemn looking cyclists. After checking for cyclists overtaking us I jumped out of the car and made tracks for the pack.

We headed north, the streets were fairly quiet, a little back ground traffic could be head above the mummer running throughout the crowd. This was only disturbed by one wacko standing on a street corner applauding us for our lovely Lycra, “This is what we need, Adelaide needs more Lycra!”

We continued on our way. The roads were happily blocked by cop cars and we jay walked down north terrace to parliament house. We waited and waited and waited. I took some photos. We waited a little longer. The head of Bicycle SA stood up and explained that some people were still leaving Victoria square. We waited. People were still flooding around the corner and the crowd compacted. We were told that people were still coming down from Victoria Square but we were going to have to make a start because the police were a little agitated that we were blocking the cars. There was an instant out cry from the crowd.

So fairly soon afterwards they made a start. There were several speakers from the world of cycling, Ian’s brother said a few words, the Attorney General, Michael Atkinson made a speech. There were a few show of hands to see how many people had been knocked off their bikes once (many) or more than once (still many), how many people paid tax (virtually everyone), and how many people paid motor registration (well over half).

At the end of the proceedings we were thanked for showing up. Wheels of Justice promised we would be back if the road did not become safer. I went and signed a partition and then hung around the channel 10 vehicle with all the cool people (actually I was just eavesdropping on an interview with an Olympic athlete.

It was good to see such a positive protest. I think there were several problems with the events surrounding Ian’s death. It is good that many of the issues are going to be further scrutinised but I feel that the actions, or lack of action, by the police has largely gone unnoticed. I hope that the legal investigation will deal with this appropriately.



  1. Nimeton said,

    So it seems to have gone down well by the look of things?

  2. Deirdre said,

    Yes, well done, you people!

  3. cfsmtb said,


    And belated thx for the pics & lovely short movie, all seems to be fine now.

    Bandwidth exceeded, oh the joy of being popular!

  4. Nimeton said,

    Oh, I really do quite like your proximity to the channel 10 vehicle. the report they did on the news was world class as always.

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