Something for kent:

3 May 2005 at 20:56 (General)

Wi-Fly – pigeon-empowered wireless internet

Faster than ADSL, relatively secure only downside is the ping time.

Oh, and apparently it still sucks under windows.



  1. Kent said,

    (does this mean i have to comment?) cool, but pigeons don’t get along very well in the outback. when one explorer (possibly sturt) tried to release one near lake eyre to take a message back to a party behind them, it was attacked before their very eyes by a hawk or like bird and became so scared it crawled into a hole and refused to move, or something like that. i’ll stick with wires for now.

  2. toto said,

    Yes, if you had chosen not to comment I was going to send my pigeons around to your house to shit on your car. – no of course you don’t have to comment.

    But thanks for the history of pigeons in the bush none the less. I guess this renders high speed internet for those out of telstra’s coverage still out of reach (unless you have a dish).

  3. Kent said,

    Meh, I wouldn’t have noticed the extra poo:

                 (+)     /
                  |     /
                  |    /
               2 -|   /
    dirtiness     |
        of        |
        my     1 -|
      car         |
    (m of crap)   |
               0 _|_____________(+) ->
                  |   |   |   |  
                  0  60 120  180

                    time since 
                    last wash

  4. R3P1N5 said,

    well kent, you seem to have found a logical improvement to excel (clap clap), now… to sell your idea…

  5. Kent said,

    hmm this new design makes a mockery of my graph with its line-height claptrap :@

  6. toto said,

    it sure does, how strange, I’ll have to see if I can do something about that

  7. toto said,

    Better? looks good to me… how did you insert plaintext into the comment anyway?

  8. Kent said,

    by black magic. i sold my soul to the devil for some chocolate last week. looks super now.

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