the g isn’t for gigabyte

1 April 2005 at 18:49 (General)

To celebrate gmail’s 1st birthday, google is planning to expand user storage to 2Gb and then beyond. According to the gmail homepage “starting today, we’re beginning the roll-out of our new and top secret Infinity+1 storage plan”. It’s happening as you read this, infact, if you log into gmail, wait a few minutes and refresh the mainpage your quota will have increased.

There are reports and rumours that they are going to come out of beta but at their site they make it clear that they sill have some finishing touches to add before they will be happy to release it to the public. Despite this, SOE claims that “For the past two weeks, Google has been randomly inviting users of its search engine to sign up for Gmail accounts with a discreet link that appears for about 1 in 100 users”. If anyone out there is interested in an account, I believe the number of invites is also now bottomless so leave a comment and i’ll email you an invitation.

I was looking at the googleblog when I came across this. “When you do a search on these browsers [mozilla/firefox], we instruct them to download your top search result in advance, so if you click on it, you’ll get to that page even more quickly.” That’s all well and good for those who have fast net connections with little need to worry about downloads, but what about poor uni students who have already used over 200% of their downloads for this semester?

Update: plus they have another new product! I just have to get my hands on some google gulp.



  1. Deirdre said,

    Don’t you just love those Google-ers? I was looking at that Gulp thing, going, Huh?

  2. Kent said,

    Or they can use

    which is where I strongly recommend you donate your invitations, matty, that’s where I send mine every few days.

  3. toto said,

    Deirdre: I’m in total techno-lust of google and all of their shenanigans. Some google employes made this interface the other day. Run your mouse over the icons.

    It was originally on the google labs site, but it didn’t last long for legal reasons. I’ve linked to someone else who is keeping a version of the page running.

    and Kent: Shall do.

  4. Deirdre said,

    The alternative is better than the official page. I like those icons.

  5. toto said,

    yeah, the idea is based on the Mac OSX dock which can produce the same effect.

  6. k said,

    hey! – how long as the running counter been going on the gmail homepage? it’s too cool.

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