the curse of easter

28 March 2005 at 21:16 (General)

Dear Diary/reader,

~4.041667 days of weekend (inc. +1hr daylight saving) is nearly over and my bag sits in the corner, untouched minus getting out some fresh underwear each morning. Went home to my folks place for the long weekend. Thought it would be good, get to see my brother and family, go up and see one of my mates on Saturday plus I could leach my families net connection allowing me to work easily and comfortably.

It will probably be 8pm by the time i post this. Like i said, haven’t touched the work I was planing to do. Don’t know if kent can see his stats over the whole weekend but there should be quite a few OS X visitors (ie. me) to As with several other blogs I frequent. I also set up a deviantart account.. I originally created it just to make a comment but I’m growing quite fond of the format. I don’t think it can be knocked, especially when you take a look around at what the community has to offer. I don’t think I can manage both though (I don’t really keep even one page as well as i’d like) so one of them will eventually retire.

Anyway, it has been good to sit back and take it easy for a while. I feel ready to do anther few weeks of hard core uni work. Over the last two weeks I’ve felt really motivated and working fairly well, a little disorganised and my time management could be improved. I’m trying to convert this motivation into something more productive that will help when exams come around. Maybe this page i wondered upon while aimlessly surfing will help.

Just a quick end note to this post (continuing this blatant procrastination…), for the past few hours I’ve been considering moving back to my parents place. Sure everything here isn’t as sweet as at my other residence but it’s great being around my brother.. I’m a little worried though, I’ve let the past two days go by without going for a ride. if I do move back here I’ll have to get strict about that… perhaps I’ll do a couple hours of work and then go for a quick 10pm ride along handcock road (which has finally been resurfaced decently after about 8 years of attmepts from the council…)

okay, i’m really going now.
sending my love, lots and lots
etc. etc.



  1. Nimeton said,

    So what is the curse that comes at Easter time? The lack of homework done I suppose…

  2. matty said,

    you got it in one.

    I’ll start any second now.

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