Silky Smooth

12 February 2005 at 0:42 (General)

Around Australia day (26/1) conversation was made at Kent‘s site and then Deirdre’s concerning the shaving of my cycling legs.

After further conversation with my female flatmate, I was advised that waxing can rip skin. So over a week ago now, I went to the chemist and bought an overpriced Venus shaver (to help me release my inner goddess) and some soap for sensitive skin. I ran a bath and jumped in. After about an hour of struggling i was starting to experience an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion when kent entered the flat. It was time for a break so I hoped out of the bath, donned some jeans and took a breather… this leg shaving is hard work.

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about recommencing the proceeder because it had been a real struggle. Ashleigh, my flat mate, started asking me if I was going against the hair, up the leg, rinsing the blade, lathering, etc… I was doing all of the above and trying it in all directions but the results were less than satisfactory. My hair was thick and wooly, too fuzzy for a shaver to work effectively.

not about to be defeated that easily, I went in for round two, packing a secret weapon. I stood in the bath and attacked the remaining hair from all angles using my buzzer. We took no prisoners and results were much better and faster. I then ran the razor again across the top to try to smooth things back out. I moisturised, dried, dressed and sat on the futon admiring the result.

my hour and a half yielded some fairly promising results. I missed a little around my ankles and the sides of my knees but with my fair hair it isn’t noticeable and I knew that next time the remaining hair was going down. The rest of my legs were acceptable, not quite as smooth as I’d hoped but I knew it would be easier next time.

After a few days for things to grow back a little I took another hack at it. I was determined to record a better time which wasn’t an issue because it was a thousand times easier this time. The Venus proved her point, hair was gone, skin was smooth, little fuss, impossible to cut yourself.

My third attack was this morning. Leg hair had grown quite feral and the venus loved it. This time I lathered up with a little shaving cream first. It was even smoother and easier, by far the best result.

It’s now very sensual. I came out from the shower, walked to my room and the towel dropped from my hips. It slid down my thighs and calves, the unexpected sensation I’m hit with from my freshly shaved legs is something I’m taking quite a while to get over. I don’t care what the rest of you blokes think, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

I slide into my latex shorts. My legs feel like they are donning their outer layer of skin. They’re complete, it’s how it’s meant to be.


The other night, on my way home, I went to see if a friend was working at Subway in Hinely street (the party street in adelaide, filled with tattoo parlors, strip clubs, lively bars and alternative shops). She wasn’t there so I jumped back on my pushie and headed towards the city centre. I was within the last hundred metres of the end of the street when I hear a guy wolf whistle in my direction. haha… I’ve had a lot of weird comments cycling and unicycling through town but that’s an original one.


Also, I contacted the Norwood cycling club about membership details. Going to a race meet if I can get up in time tomorrow morning, just to check things out. Exciting… :)

thanks to Deirdre and her sister J for your words of encouragement and advice. Thanks to kent and ashleigh for criticism and moral support where they were needed. thanks to Nimetön, just because I don’t want you to feel left out.



  1. Kent said,

    I like my manlegs hairy, just like I like my peanut butter crunchy

    Shame the one-legged experiment will never happen.

  2. matty said,

    sorry, your idea of shaving one leg and not the other to see if the bike veers to one side is not scientific. It is natural for me to stay upright, if you were to unevenly load my bike (ie I mount my pump on one side which will cause a similar disturbance in weight and aerodynamic distribution) I will auto correct and we will be none the wiser.

  3. Kent said,

    That’s true. We could have mounted you in an air tunnel.

  4. Deirdre said,

    Can you hear that strange bellowing cackle floating on the wind? That’s me laughing. What a legend you are, matty. This is the first time I’ve ever confronted the notion of Shaving as Ordeal. Cycling races should be a cinch for you after this.

    I also like the idea of the wind tunnel experiment, though what happens if you start seriously listing to one side? Would it have to be a round tunnel, in case you start spinning?

  5. Nimetön said,

    And thanks to Matty just because no one thanked him. The hours of amusement your shaving efforts provided are thankable.

    Meh, I doubt most people would notice that you shaved your legs if it wasn’t for you stroking them every ten minutes or so ;-) Even if I was a pro cyclist I doubt I’d shave my legs just because of the pure hassle. I mean its bad enough trying to keep the facial hair shaved.

    By the way, I’m the last person who should be pointing this out but it’s Hindley street, not “Hinely”.

  6. matty said,

    Kent, if you build/find the air tunnel I’ll stop shaving my left leg (it’s my least favourite of the two)

    Deirdre, Ashleigh is cackling in a similar fashion. I’m fine with that as long as it’s at my comical antics. Hope you’re right about the racing.

    Nimetön, the shaving of legs is a labour of love. One thing I whole heartedly recommend is to try using a razor to shave you face. All blokes should give it a try, you can pick up a suitable razor for around a dollar and the feeling it brings leaves the ‘smoothness’ of a buzzer for dead. Just be careful.

    As for Hindley st, that’s funny, I’d just bought a street directory hours before hand so I have no excuse other than it was very much past my bed time.

  7. Nimetön said,

    Excuse the ignorance but could you define Razor? I’ve never used anythign electronic at all. I always use desposable razors… But I gather what you mean is using like a proper blade razor that flicks open like a pocket knife?

    And hehe I used my 15 year old or so street directory to look up the correct spelling of Hindley.

  8. Kent said,

    I honestly thought that I’d buy a Matchbox 20 album before Nimeton corrected a spelling mistake on a blog.

    Every day brings new and very unusual things.

  9. matty said,

    hahahahaha… I’m always amazed when I read kents corrections on nimetons site because I’ve just read the same text and yet missed every error.

    I meant a desposable razor, like the one you use. using a blade requires far more skill but it will give the closest shave. I would suggest it is best left to the professionals (ie the barber). electric buzzers are quick and easy but imho the result is not the best ‘feel’.

  10. Kent said,

    doo de doo…

    disposable, not desposable

    …doo de doo

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