that is not possible…

28 January 2005 at 1:27 (General)

I was researching laptops for a friend today when I came across this. It is a tale from 1998. A redhat linux reseller (who is now the organiser of the LinuxSA User’s Group) was trying to buy a Toshiba without M$ winblows preinstalled and it caused plenty of grief.

Dell do a similar trick today. If you buy a cheap Dell Inspiron 725 Notebook you’ll spend the first few hours getting rid of all of the bundled advertising installed on it. It comes with 3 ISP trials (Ozemail, AOL and Telstra) as well as Norton internet security, Dell media experience and Microsoft Works. I understand people wanting to buy a computer with windows preinstalled but even that should at least be optional. The rest of the stuff they’ve installed there would be a thorn in my side. They give you a fresh install of an operating system riddled with adware and advertising.

On a related matter, recently my brother was installing a fresh copy of XP onto his new home built machine, first boot there is a system error and he has to restart before the system had loaded.

For those such as myself, who have avoided this whole headache and purchased a mac, I recommend you check out quicksilver. I’ve only used it for a few days but already I think it’s spectacular.


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