1 December 2004 at 8:55 (General)

This is something I wrote the other morning. It seems a little spaced-out but exhaustion will do that to you.

I wake in darkness. I roll out of bed and check the time, 4:19. I stumble back onto the bed, the nokia display burnt deeply into my retina. I slumber for sometime and then wake. It’s much lighter now. I walk out into the living room and look out the front windows. It’s twenty past five and the sky is awash with oranges and deep reds. I figure I missed sunrise by ten minutes.

I wonder if they’d left without me, I don’t see why they would. My friend’s father wont let her sleep overnight at my other friends house, so early in the morning they rise and drive her back home before anyone else wakes up. It’s easily romanticised in my mind, a forbidden love that must act under the secrecy of the night. Now the concept seems even more romantic. The orange washes over the red and throughout the rest of the sky. Somewhat breathtaking.

After some hesitation I wake my friends. A minute later Michelle walks hypnotically into the lounge and slumps onto the couch. After a while I hear her say “I’m a tired little unny”. “Did you just say you’re a tired little bunny?” I ask. Her trance is broken and she gives a little laughs, “yeah, I guess I did.”

We drive for a while. I decide that when we stop to refuel it is close enough to my stop. I jump on my unicycle and bid them farewell.

It’s 6:12. There are lots of people awake. A cyclist climbs wearily up Glen Osmond road. The truck driver waves. The joggers jog.

The joggers are the happiest. They march along, greeting me with a smile and a welcome that some people would consider too happy for that time in the morning. Others may consider it too happy regardless of the time. Not me though, I thrive. The side street is empty. The absence of the normally overbearing noise of traffic leaves the sound of birds filling in the pauses in my music. As I roll, I air-drum to the music. I must look fairly funny but the only other people are still the joggers and I think they look even funnier as they waddle along their circular journey.

After one of the most peaceful rides of my life I turned into a empty drive way. I unlocked the door and entered the empty house. It was also peaceful, I was almost certain no one had been home for a few days. I put on some quite music and sat outside the door as I downed some breakfast. I had a shower and started reading Cujo by Stephen King. Soon it became too peaceful and I found myself napping for about an hour.

During these early hours I felt it was a wonderful time to be alive. My alarm is still set for 5am. I still want to watch the sun rise. I want to greet the morning joggers. I want to be tired before 1am. So far I have failed on all counts, but I am optimistic every night that I will act differently the following morning.



  1. Jennie said,

    Monototo i like your writing style, it’s enjoyable to read.

  2. monototo said,

    Thanks Jennie. This is now almost 4½ years old, while it’s still a pleasant memory I find my own writing style to be either ‘cute’ or painfully grating.

  3. avarine said,

    four and a half years….. we’ve known each other for ages! it’s so cool to read a memory from someone else’s perspective.

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