man on the street

11 November 2004 at 22:19 (General)

About an hour ago I was sitting in the living room feeling particularly sorry for myself. I accredit this to being a hormonally unstable teenager during the middle of exams. Anyway, my thoughts were becoming fairly dark so I decided it was time to leave the house before bad thoughts became bad decisions.

Presently a “friend” has “borrowed” my favourite harmonica (an M.S. Honer) so I had to settle for a cheaper model harp before I headed out the door. I could have played in the lounge or driveway but it’s too crowded and I needed out, so I walked down to the oval.

On the way i was playing some blues tune that I don’t know the name of. I then played a few other songs of similar origin. After I was settled on the lawn I arrived on the song Carolina In My Mind (I’m only familiar with the James Taylor version). As I played, I sang the lyrics to myself. Well, I don’t know the actual lyrics but I sang:

“in my mind i’m going to Carolina
can’t you see the sunsets
can’t you just feel the moon rise baby
maybe it’s like a friend of mine
going for a ride
yeah I’m gone to Carolina in my mind”

Mr Taylor sings this song because it’s about him going back to a place of comfort and beauty. I’ve always imagined it as a train ride, away from the problems to a haven. At the start of the trip I was feeling pretty mopey but by the time i arrived at the improvised instrumental I realised that i’d left all my excess baggage back at the station.

So I reached Carolina in my mind and as I lay on my back playing the last chorus I watched the evening clouds roll steadily across the sky. It was probably no coincidence that next I played ‘Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head’. I don’t even know the correct title of this song, let alone who wrote it, but I enjoyed it all the same.

While i played I remembered several years ago being at a camp talent night. The comedy was beginning to degenerate into something less, and there was nothing new going on so I jumped on the stage and blew out this raindrops tune. By the second time through most of the audience was singing along which was good because (once again) i don’t know the words.

It’s a fun song for a depressed toto. It’s good on the harp because it’s easy to build on after each verse.

After a few more tunes I decided it was getting pretty dark and I was feeling a lot better. So I picked myself up and trundled off home to the tune of Good Riddance by Green Day. I was watching the clip to this last Sunday on Rage.. very emotional performance from green day.

I love playing the harmonica. that harp cost me $7 which I consider to be fairly cheap therapy. Tonight I was pretty rusty at the start of each new song, but I was only playing to myself and for myself, so it didn’t matter. it’s so expressive, I enjoy having power over the texture of each and every note.

On Monday, after my last exam i’m going to ride into town and buy a new C major Honor (~$40). I think I might even try my hand at busking again later in the week if i can get a few tunes polished up.


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