My trembling body

2 November 2004 at 14:40 (General)

Below is was a poem that I started around this time last year. The first few lines were conceived while building cars at holden. The next 6 or so verses were written later that night. I pulled it out the other day and finished the last 1/3. It seems rather adolescent now, but i still empathise with the being who initiated it. I still have the capacity to feel this way.

My Trembling Body:

From the dark
soft hands appear
gently they suppress the fear

My trembling body
comes to calm
i see her smooth inviting arm

Breathing slowing down again
the long embrace
numbs the pain

Rubbing skin
exchange of power
the moment seems to last an hour

But all too soon
she’s gone from sight
i wonder whether it was right

I possibly
relied too much
and i wont cope without a crutch

I lent on her
in time of need
but now she’s gone my body bleeds

At the time
it felt so bliss
but now it’s tearing me to bits

What did she mean?
can’t understand
there is no line drawn in the sand

She seemed able to empathise
but now i fear
her words were lies

It’s late at night
i rest alone
my heart feels like it’s made of stone

I wipe the tears from swollen eyes
their sting soon goes
their pain survives

matty 25/11/03 – 2/11/04


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