24 October 2004 at 15:42 (General)

Reading Nimitons post from the other day made me reminisce about my own primary school days. I can’t remember how it started, but in year three a group of half a dozen boys including myself began sitting in a small circle on the oval practising guided meditation. Our guru was a lad from our year who claimed that he knew how to harness the complete power of the human mind. In hindsight, his social behaviour was probably just the result of long term exposure to Star Trek.

We’d sit around the shot-put circle on the far side of the oval and he’d demonstrate his telepathic and abilities. He would claim that he was influencing other kids as they played or that he was able to lift his tie off of his shirt using the power of his mind. I’m not really sure if he believed in his own abilities but I was fairly sceptical. It was doubtful that he had any control over the other children and I was fairly sure his tie was moving due to him leaning forward and it being blown about by the wind. However, he was very convincing and not the type of person who was open to argument.

After a few days of this I was starting to get a little bored so just before the lunch bell I slipped my ruler inside the lining of my tie. We went up to the circle and I ate my lunch and listened to him preach about how he was able to move stuff across his desk at night when he was relaxed. I pinched the top of my tie and made it look like I was struggling to pass energy down to the tip and make the whole thing battle against gravity. Slowly my tie stood horizontally as our guru became lost for words.

Instantly my eight year old brain confirmed that he was a giant hoax. He was shocked and mystified that someone was sitting in front of him clearly demonstrating these powers. For dramatic effect I appeared to concentrate deeply and strained to “defy Newton”. After the short battle with gravity I admitted defeat and my tie fell back against my stomach.

He couldn’t understand but he was an instant believer in his own methods. He told everyone that this is what he’d be training us for. I did a few more demonstrations over the next few days before letting some kids know it was all a charade and that we should go back to playing marbles or soccer. Suddenly there were quite a few kids practising telekinesis and I decided I should let him in on the ‘secret’.

He was suddenly very unimpressed but I didn’t feel bad because I’d only deceived him in the same way he’d deceived us.

To this day I still struggle to watch Star Trek or Star Gate or even Star Wars to a degree. Looks like hanging around with this kid did have some positive spin-offs.


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