Just doing the laundry.

7 September 2004 at 10:28 (General)

On the weekend I was fresh out of clean clothes so I packed everything into my largest travel bag and made my way off to the laundry mat. I have one of those airport bags with the wheels on the bottom so I towed it behind my unicycle. As I approached the laundry matt there was a guy standing out the front who almost swallowed his cigarette when he saw me. I went and loaded my stuff into a machine and took a seat. The 27ish year-old smoker who looks ‘2 kool 4 skool’ comes in, puts a few more coins into a dryer. As he comes back past me he turns towards me and says “that was quite a sight mate. Seeing you coming down the road on a unicycle pulling your laundry. very cool’ and he gives me the thumbs up.

seeing as I was just doing the laundry on the whole this is relatively exciting and worthy of a post.

in retrospect, or hindsight or something.. it isn’t really the greatest thing that happened on the weekend but meh.. in the words of that ABC gardener bloke: “that’s your bloomin’ lot”.


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