Punk Rock is My Friend

3 September 2004 at 16:21 (General)

today I bought a CD called Punk Rock is Your Friend

By this stage in the article I wonder how many people are still reading.

I also bought a Disc called Rock Against Howard.

I was considering getting Rock against Bush but I’d already broken my rule of no more CD’s (i have an input-output disfunction that is going to leave me broke)

Anyway this disc has the following titles: (i’m not too excited about the content, it was more the idea that sold it to me)

Disk 1
1. H-block 101 – Reason Why
2. Bodyjar – Is It A Lie?
3. Something For Kate – Best Weapon
4. The Givegoods – Collar To Colour
5. David Bridie – Nation (Of The Heartless Kind)
6. The City – Lights A Big Star
7. Peabody – A Resurrected Man
8. 78 Saab – Sound Of Lies
9. Even – Sunshine Comes
10. Sulo – Wash
11. The Anyones – Gun Him Down
12. Razel – The Arse Song
13. The Resin Dogs (Featuring Abstract Rude) – Rebel
14. Youth Group – Drowned
15. Frenzal Rhomb – White World
16. Tism – The Phillip Ruddock Blues

Disk 2
1. Front End Loader – 4 Start Heritage Arsehole (Live)
2. The Herd – Honest J
3. The Drugs – I Was A Teenage Voter
4. Godnose – At The End Of The Day
5. Unpaid Debt – Call It A Day
6. Little Johnny (Aka Pauline Pantsdown) – I’m Sorry!
7. Toekeo -Johnny Howard Is A Filthy Slut
8. Mindsnare – To The Boil
9. Demon Other – Keep On Raping In The Free World
10. The Persian Rugs – Half-wit
11. Steve Townson And The Conscripts – Tonight We Storm The Bastille
12. Major Liar
13. The Fauves – Get F**ked
14. The Reservations – Calling Out I’m Through
15. George’s Bush – Evil Little Man
16. Eddie Perfect – John Howard’s Bitches
17. The Thighblasters – How’d You All Get To Be So Dumb?

While the rest of my friends (kent, nimeton) are having a blast talking politics I’ll just listen to my new CDs that contain explicit language and revolutionary themes.


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