there’s no place on the road for cars

28 August 2004 at 21:49 (General)

tonight I was out practising driving a manual car seeing as that is the type of car my flatmate has and she lost her licence and I am too sore to ride everywhere at the moment and we need it for shopping and it’s good in emergencies and I want to get a motor bike and etc.

anyway, I was driving with my brother and as I approached the lights some pedestrians stepped out in front of me. I stopped the car so they wouldn’t end up under it and just as they were stepping out of the way a guy starts beeping me to move up behind the car in front. Simon and I decided this guy was crazy ’cause the light was bound to stay red for at least another 10 seconds. So I waved to him and moved forward. then as the lights turned green I took off too slowly for this clowns liking and he started beeping again.

about 150m up the road he violently overtakes me without indicating (it’s a 3 lane each direction road) and cuts in behind the car infront of me (again no indicators). He’s surging his car forward trying to push the lady in front of him to go faster (i could tell cause his brake lights were pulsing).

He gets sick of this so he violently overtakes again and cruises up the road

Simon decides that he wants to get this guys number plate number because he has a sense of adventure. So I give chase. we go and get his number and report it to the cops who say it was the wrong number because it was nothing like the car we described. Not surprising as it was really dirty.

the reason im too sore to ride (and my bike is broken) is because the other day i was riding to uni. lady in front of me turns into a car parking space cutting me off. I hit her car at high speed. she helps me to the hospital across the road and then takes off.

I’m considering legal action. stupid bitch. my neck and back are sore and i keep complaining.

im tired as well should go to sleep.

i never forced you to read this so shut up and dont complain. – me today to myself


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